Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

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Lightweight bed bug heat treatment equipment for sale from PestPro Thermal SystemsCommercial bed bug heat equipment for sale from PestPro Thermal SystemsPortable bed bug heaters for sale from PestPro Thermal Systems
Pest Pro Thermal's bed bug heaters are tougher, smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more powerful.

Introducing the 2G solution to bedbug control™ and eradication… the new BugWiser™ G2 PestPro heat treatment equipment for bed bugs is UL Certified

Systems cost 25-45% less than comparable competitors

Programmable heaters weigh less than 75 pounds

Removable generator set for hard-to-reach jobs

Power options to 10 kilowatts per heater

One-man setup and operation

Practical, safe 208 or 240 volt 1ph electrical system

Heaters can draw power from genset or building

Lightweight trailers can be pulled by any pickup

BugWiser™ bedbug heaters are available for sale separately or as part of a complete PestPro thermal treatment system.

PestPro bed bug heat treatment equipment for sale with trailer

PestPro Thermal treatment systems are easy to use and include on-site training at a real treatment site with an experienced pest professional!

Comparing bed bug heat treatment equipment for sale

Typical 40 Kw Setup DiagramIf you are buying an electric heat treatment system for bedbugs, two decisions will define how your system performs for you–the operating voltage and heater power. 120-volt systems are the simplest but require more standard 15-amp circuits than you will ever find in a residence. 460-volt systems minimize the size of power cords, but 460 voltage is serious electricity and 460v systems can’t use any power from the building. 208 or 240 volt systems offer most of the advantages of 460 voltage, but also allow you the flexibility to use power from the building or a genset.

Heater power is the other decision you face. Underpowered systems mean that heatup will waste valuable time. On the other hand, overpowered single heater systems, including propane systems, are overkill for small jobs like apartments, dorms and hotel rooms. They make it difficult to evenly distribute heat throughout a multi-room site, and they frequently damage contents located near the heat source. Moderately-powered, multi-heater systems solve these problems.

StatisticsReview of Pest Pro Thermal Systems

PestPro offers the best thermal heaters to kill bed bugs, with complete systems sized from 10 to 60 kilowatts, with modular upgrades to 80kW. Our systems utilize 208 or 240v power exclusively, and unlike some manufacturers who rate their bed bug heat treatment equipment based on generator size rather than heating power, our systems deliver the full, rated heating capability to the treatment area. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your treatment requirements, and how one of our bed bug heat treatment systems can satisfy all of your heat treatment needs.