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Bed Bug Heat Products

Diesel Generator Heat Systems for Residences

Our 40-90 kilowatt systems are our elite offerings for operators who want maximum power with the rugged reliability of a diesel generator. These units provide the ability to treat a residence of up to 3600 square feet at one time, and larger residences can be treated by splitting the home into sections and treating each section separately. Click here for our diesel generator heat systems for residences.

Electric Heat Units for Apartments

Our 20-40 kilowatt packages are ideal for apartment managers and PCOs who are most concerned about initial capital cost. This equipment plugs into you building. Click here for our electric heat systems for small apartments.

Electric Heat Units for Hotels

Our hotel owner’s package is the perfect solution to escalating treatment costs and unsold rooms due to bed bug problems. This equipment uses power from your building. Click here for our hotel heat systems.