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Gasoline Generator Heat Systems for Apartments

PestPro Thermal's bed bug heat machines are UL certifiedOur 25 kilowatt system is a great starter bed bug heat system. It includes a trailer and a generator set and is sized to treat smaller residence areas such as an apartment, a hotel room or a dorm room.

It can also be used to treat homes up to 2000 square feet by dividing the home into two sections and treating each of the sections separately.

PestPro Thermal bed bug thermal treatment systems using heat to kill bed bugs in of apartment buildingsPestPro Thermal Bed Bug Heaters – Small Apartment System Equipment List

  • 18 Kilowatt generator (One heater element connects to the building power supply for full 25 Kw system output)
  • Three Bugwiser™ 240 v. space heaters with automatic temperature control
  • Six high temperature, high volume recirculation fans
  • Three custom cut industrial extension cords
  • Wireless computerized temperature monitoring and recording system with 6 remote sensing stations
  • Operator’s tools and supplies kit

Other Items

  • Eight hours on-site training with an experienced pest professional at our location.
  • Complete Owner’s Manual

Equivalent Competitor Package

  • PestPro saves you $33,000 versus our competitor’s equivalent system.