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Electric Heat Systems for Hotel Owners

Our hotel owner’s package is the perfect solution to escalating treatment costs and unsold rooms due to bed bug problems – watch the video.

Rooms up to 300-400 square feet can be treated in 5-6 hours and returned to service the very same day.

Priced to pay for itself in just a few weeks, this system is easy to operate, and maintenance staff can be doing their normal tasks during most of the treatment cycle. It is also perfect for treating furniture.

PestPro portable bed bug heater package for hotel and dorm room treatmentEquipment List

  • One Bugwiser 240v, 10kW heater with automatic temperature control
  • Two high temperature, high volume recirculation fans
  • One custom cut industrial power cord 100 ft. total length
  • Wireless digital temperature monitoring system with 3 remote sensors
  • Complete owner’s manual and operating instructions



Why Is PestPro The Best Value In Bed Bug Heater Systems?

PestPro bed bug heaters are safe, easy to use, and easy to transport. Our heaters are the most dependable, effective and easily maintainable heaters on the market. They will last for 10 years or longer with constant use. In addition, they can easily be repaired if you do have a malfunction with a certain part on the product.

If you are looking for a dependable bed bug heater for any infested space, PestPro can offer you equipment that will last for years.

Learn more about all the benefits of choosing to purchase and use PestPro Thermal bed bug equipment.

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