Electric Heat Systems for Hotel Owners

UL CertifiedOur hotel owner’s package is the perfect solution to escalating treatment costs and unsold rooms due to bed bug problems – watch the video.

Rooms up to 300-400 square feet can be treated in 5-6 hours and returned to service the very same day.

Priced to pay for itself in just a few weeks, this system is easy to operate, and maintenance staff can be doing their normal tasks during most of the treatment cycle. It is also perfect for treating furniture.

PestPro portable bed bug heater package for hotel and dorm room treatmentEquipment List

  • One Bugwiser 240v or 208V, 10kW heater with automatic temperature control
  • Two high temperature, high volume recirculation fans
  • One custom cut industrial power cord 100 ft. total length
  • Wireless digital temperature monitoring system with 3 remote sensors
  • Complete owner’s manual and operating instructions

Top Hotel Heat PackagesCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3PestPro Thermal
Power to Treat
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UL Certified
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Why Is PestPro The Best Value In Bed Bug Heater Systems?

Our heaters Are USER FRIENDLY

Our heaters are the safest, easiest to use heaters. They only require one person to safely unload, set-up, operate, tear-down and pack up.

Our heaters are the most dependable, effective and easily maintainable heaters on the market. But sooner or later every machine breaks down. We use only ‘open-source’ parts commonly available at any industrial supply house (i.e.Grainger) or directly from the manufacturers. You are never dependent on us for parts or service. We can assist you by phone with installation , and you are back in operation in hours, not days or weeks.

Our Heaters Are DEPENDABLE

Heat Coils vs. Fin Strips

Other heaters use metal heat coils similar to toasters and hair dryers. Over time these coils become brittle and can snap if the heater is dropped or bumped up against a hard surface like a wall or truck bed. When this happens, the unit typically needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair which cost you lost revenues while you wait.

PestPro equipment uses finned strip heaters which surround the heat elements with ceramic within a metal frame. This means the heart of your heater – the heat elements – should last for 10 years or more of constant use.

STEEL vs. Plastic

Cheaper heaters use plastic housings which can deform with high heat over time. This deformation and resulting loosening of parts can result in a much shorter useful lifespan.

PestPro heaters use all-steel cabinets fabricated in the USA. Steel retains its shape and structural integrity over the long-term despite thousands of hours of high heat exposure.


Our heaters allow you to use 240v or 208v grid power or a generator.  Electric ranges, dryers and temporary circuit breakers gives you flexibility when a generator won’t work for whatever reason.