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Electric Heat Units for Apartments

Our 20-40 kilowatt packages are ideal for apartment managers and PCOs who are most concerned about initial capital cost.

The package does not include a trailer or generator, but it does include all other equipment necessary to complete a heat treatment for bedbugs in a bedroom, apartment, hotel or dormitory.

Power for the system comes from the building or a generator provided by the operator.

Thermal bed bug heaters for apartment managers and property managementPestPro Thermal Bed Bug Heaters – Small Apartment Package Equipment List:

  • Two Bugwiser 240v, 10kW heaters with automatic temperature control
  • High temperature, high volume recirculation fans
  • Two custom cut industrial power cords
  • Basic wireless temp monitor with 3 battery operated sensors
  • Operator’s tools and supplies kit

Other Items:

  • Eight hours training with an experienced pest professional at our location
  • Complete owner’s manual and operating instructions


  • Wireless, cell-based temperature monitoring system with 6 remote sensors. Viewable on any IOS/Android device


Why Is PestPro The Best Value In Bed Bug Heater Systems?

PestPro bed bug heaters are safe and easy to operate. They only require one person to safely unload, set-up, operate, tear-down and pack up. Our electric bed bug heaters can treat an entire apartment building without the use of chemicals.

In addition, they should last for over 10 years even with constant use because the machines use finned strip heaters. And, even if you need to make a small repair to the machine, we only use ‘open-source’ parts commonly available at any industrial supply house. Therefore, you can be confident that your heat equipment will treat any infestation for years to come.

Learn more about all the benefits of choosing to purchase and use PestPro Thermal bed bug equipment.

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