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Bed Bug Heaters & Bed Bug Heat Equipment

bed bug heatersIf you are trying to get rid of bed bugs, you need professional bed bug heat equipment. Infestations can happen in places like hotels, dorms, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, and your own residence. Even if you are clean and tidy, bed bugs can still find a way in. And once they start spreading, you need to find a solution immediately. If you find yourself with this problem, buying a high-quality bed bug heater is very important so you can stop the infestation before it spreads.

A female bedbug lays over 500 eggs in her lifetime, that is approximately 2 eggs per day. These eggs hatch after 10 days. This means that you have to contain the infestation fast before more eggs hatch. Luckily, bed bug heaters can completely eradicate bed bugs and their eggs.

What are Bed Bug Heaters?

Bed bug heaters are devices that are designed to effectively eliminate bed bugs by heating up a large area. Bed bug heat equipment can range greatly in price, size, and overall power. For some larger areas, you will need multiple bed bug heaters.

How Do Bed Bug Heaters Work?

Since bed bugs can be scattered and hiding all over the room, bed bug heaters work by heating up a room for an extended period of time. Bed Bugs thrive in temperatures around 75°F but they cannot withstand high temperatures above 120°F for very long.

PestPro Thermal Bed bug heaters will increase the temperature above 135°F. These extreme temperatures will kill the bed bugs and their eggs, especially with re-circulation fans spreading the heat evenly throughout the area.

Who Needs a Bed Bug Heater?

If you live in an apartment, condo, or smaller house, you probably don’t need to buy a bed bug heater for your home. However, in larger homes, hotels, health facilities, or apartment buildings, bed bug heat equipment can kill bed bugs and you can use the equipment for years. A bed bug heater is a great investment for anyone who manages multiple properties or buildings. In addition, colleges can use heaters since the students living in the dorms are constantly changing. In addition, international student travel has and continues to increase.

PestPro Thermal Systems Bed Bug Heaters

Below, we listed the bed bug heat equipment offered by PestPro Thermal. You can visit each page to learn more about all the equipment offered and the package you can purchase. If you are interested, make sure you contact us by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

bed bug heaters for hotels

Hotel & Dorm Bed Bug Heaters

  • 1 Bugwiser 240v, 10kW heater
  • 2 high temperature, high volume recirculation fans
  • Wireless digital temperature monitoring system
  • See The Entire Package



bed bug heaters for apartments

Apartment Bed Bug Heaters

  • 2 Bugwiser 240v, 10kW heaters
  • 4 high temperature, high volume recirculation fans
  • Wireless temperature monitoring system, viewable on Android/iOS
  • See The Entire Package



commercial bed bug heater

Commercial Bed Bug Heating System

  • Fully enclosed 12-14 foot custom cargo trailer
  • Up to 9 Bugwiser™ 240v. space heaters
  • 55kW-80kW John Deere diesel generator capacity
  • Wireless temperature monitoring system, viewable on Android/iOS
  • See The Entire Package



Buying Your First Bed Bug Heater

We have some tips below and important facts to look for when buying your first heater. Whether you want a commercial bed bug heater or a smaller system, the tips below will help. If you are not sure what a good heater entails:

Heat Temperatures

An effective heater would need to heat up an infested area to a temperature above 130°F because bed bugs start to die at 120°F. The heater has to maintain this temperature and the entire room and everything in that room need to achieve internal temperatures of at least 120°.

Bed Bug Heater Size

Bed bug heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A heater that is too small might not be powerful enough to treat a large area. A heater that is too large won’t be easy to transport up stairwells into hotels, dorms, or apartment buildings. PestPro Thermal offers bed bug heaters that are not only powerful but also portable for just one person. Not only is this convenient, but one person can treat a large area with ease and keep labor costs to a minimum.

Bed Bug Power Consumption

Before you buy the heater, make sure to read its energy requirements. Heaters are extremely powerful and they will need an electric source for a period of time while in use.

In Summary

Bed bugs may keep you up at night. However, the guide above provides a surefire method of eliminating them completely. You get to learn about bed bug heaters and answer the question “how do
bed bug heaters work?”. This guide is designed to help you eliminate bed bugs completely.