Bed Bug News

Pesticide Resistance: Chemicals Don’t Work

The traditional way to kill bed bugs is to spray pesticides on items where bed bugs hide during the day while they are not feeding on you. This includes, mattresses, box springs, night stands, bed frames and behind and inside framed pictures hanging above your bed.

In 2019 top entomologist all agree that bed bugs have, through evolution, developed resistance to pesticides and have learned to avoid them.

Not only do pesticides not kill bed bugs any longer they actually cause them to scatter to wider areas which makes the problem worse and harder to treat.

Even worse- the chemical resistant bed bugs that survive the initial treatment will then mate and their offspring will inherit that same resistance gene making future treatments completely ineffective! This has been a common trend with the pesticides in use today.

Because bed bugs continue to develop resistance to pesticides designed to kill them temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit are the only proven method to eliminate both bed bugs and their unhatched eggs 100% of the time.

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Propane VS. Electric Bed Bug Heaters

Propane is dangerous to deal with. Obtaining the fuel, transporting the fuel, storing the fuel and making sure there are no leaks is critical. Everyone is familiar with how to plug into an electrical outlet and turn on a switch.

Propane is messy and requires the assembly of duct work from the flaming heater to the treatment area. This takes a long time and typically adds 45-60 minutes on either end of the treatment for set-up and tear-down once the treatment is complete.

Propane duct work is very intrusive, not discreet, blocks resident passageways and is a potential tripping and burning hazard if someone were to touch it (like an unsuspecting, curious child).

Burning propane gas introduces high humidity into the treatment area which very often results in wall paper damage and anything else that is glued together like most budget furniture and picture frames.

Most propane systems do not have automatic thermostats so monitoring the temperature of the treatment area is dependent on the folks running the equipment. Without constant human monitoring temperatures can exceed 185F. Electric heaters with auto-thermostats typically max out at 135-140F. There are many documented instances where too high heat has scorched wood, melted vinyl window blinds, blistered other items located in the treatment area and melted electronics like TVs.

Insurance claims associated with melting electronics, furniture, window blinds, picture frames and flooring can quickly outweigh the “low cost” of purchasing a propane system.

Some propane systems are even more dangerous and do not produce the heat in a trailer and blow it into the treatment area via duct-work but actually burn the propane in the treatment area or right outside the entryway. This is forbidden by law in most localities for obvious reasons. Please check with your local fire authority if this is the type of system you are considering.

Where To Purchase A Bed Bug Heater?

Welcome to PestPro Thermal Systems where we build the world’s most effective and longest lasting electric bed bug heaters one at a time by hand in Denver CO.

PestPro Thermal Systems is an employee-owned company that opened its doors in 2012.

From the start our primary mission is to manufacture built-to-last, commercial grade, mobile/portable electric bed bug heaters that can be easily maintained and repaired by the customer.

As of April 2019 we have sold over 700 bed bug heaters around the world including Japan, Fiji, France, Dubai, Korea, USA (including the North Slope of Alaska), Canada and the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Our bed bug heaters are used by hotels, very large resorts, employee housing, municipal rapid transit authorities, senior living, sober living/rehab communities, homeless shelters, safe houses and many other residential communities.

If you are looking for an effective Bed Bug treatment, then we can help.

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BREAKING NEWS: After extensive testing, Northwest Territories Housing Corporation has purchased PestPro bed bug equipment.

Canada’s Northwest Territories’ government has ordered four of these bedbug heaters for use in housing corporation units. They are expected to arrive this month.