BREAKING NEWS: Northwest Territories Housing Corporation has purchased PestPro Thermal commercial bed bug heat treatment equipment.

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Read CBC article: Canada's Northwest Territories' government has ordered four of these bedbug heaters for use in housing corporation units. 

The exclusive arrangement to use PestPro's bed bug heating equipment was announced after extensive due diligence, testing and vetting the top North American heat treatment equipment providers.

The main criteria for choosing a heater for bed bugs treatment equipment provider to go with included: durability, reliability, repairability by operators in the field, availability of parts, minimum maintenance and repair downtimes, Tier 1 Customer Service and Tier 1 Customer Support.

The bed bug treatment heaters will be distributed equally between five regions: North Slave, Sahtu, Beaufort Delta, South Slave and Nahendeh.

A spokesman for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, Cara Bryant stated that it was very difficult and costly to get professional services in such remote locations. Bed bugs companies are few and far between in this region so having the bed bug heat treatment equipment to be self-reliant was of primary concern. 

Nina Jenkins, Associate Research Professor of Entomology at Penn State University, during a phone interview stated "...if it is done properly, it (heat) works extremely well."

The bed bug treatment heaters equipment purchase, while considered record breaking for both parties, is yet another example and proof that DIY bed bug treatment using convection heat is the most viable method for eradicating bed bugs.

Another factor in the decision to use heat to kill bed bugs was the desire to find a solution that did not expose residents to repeated use of insecticides inside homes which are sealed up most of the year due to a very long winter season. 

The purchase of the bed bug heat package equipment was brokered by Ron's EquipmentIndustrial Supply, Yellowknife NT.


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