Five Reasons to Consider Financing Your Bed Bug Heat Equipment (Even If You Have Cash!)

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Whether you are in the camp that is always leveraged to the hilt, choose to pay for everything in cash or somewhere in between, financing exists to allow for the creation of that which would not ordinarily be possible without it.

The largest companies in the world choose to finance their capital equipment purchases for very good reasons and I am starting to understand why.

Here are 5 good reasons to consider financing your next purchase of bed bug heating equipment:

Financing allows you to pay for bed bug heating equipment which makes money  and conserve your cash

  1. Conserves Cash

Conserving cash to cover expenses is a smart way to manage the ups and downs of business - and this has never been more relevant than during the current virus pandemic. Avoid depleting your cash reserves on large capital expenditures when you can use that money as a safety net and for other investments in your business.

  1. Earn While Paying

Equipment allows you to generate revenue. Our customers purchase bed bug heater equipment to generate revenue for their companies. Commercial financing allows you to align your investment in our commercial bed bug heating equipment with the income generated over the life of the equipment.

Bed bug heaters allow you to earn huge sums for a low monthly outlay to the finance company

  1. Manage Cashflow

Locking in fixed monthly payments helps your company manage its books more easily and enables you to plan with more precision. It turns the unknown into the known.

 Financing bed bug heaters locks in fixed payment amounts allowing for more predictable cashflow and company stability

  1. Leverage Tax Advantages – BONUS DEPRECIATION

Bonus depreciation for bed bug heaters is a way for the IRS to get you to invest in your business which helps the economy

Most people believe the IRS Section 179 deduction (also known as 'bonus depreciation') to be some mysterious or overly complicated line item in the tax code.

It is neither of these.

It is simply a gift from the US government intended to encourage businesses to invest in themselves which in turn will stimulate the economy.

Section 179 is one of the few government stimulus incentives available to small business and has been included in many of the recent Stimulus Acts and Congressional Tax Bills. Although large businesses also benefit from Section 179, the original target of this legislation was much needed tax relief for small businesses – and millions of small businesses are realizing incredible benefits of being able to deduct THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE from their gross income. Ask your tax professional today how Section 179 can benefit your company’s bottom line.

  1. Maximize Value

To maximize profits and the overall value of a business a common rule of thumb is to own assets that appreciate (land, buildings) and lease/finance assets that depreciate (bed bug heating equipment). It is not the ownership of equipment that produces profit - it's the usage.

Lease or Finance Assets That Depreciate Like Bed Bug Heaters - Usage Produces Profit, Not Ownership

There are other advantages to financing your PestPro Thermal Systems’ bed bug heating equipment, but these five items are reason enough to have a quick meeting with your accountant or tax advisor to flesh out the exact benefits your company will realize if you finance your purchase.

Our finance partner, APPROVE, was chosen after extensive vetting of around a dozen companies.

It wasn’t easy but our team concluded that since APPROVE would be acting as an extension of our company they needed to share the same ideals we espouse when it came to being able to offer Tier 1 customer service, responsiveness and professionalism.

Equally as important, we wanted a partner that offered a truly unique value proposition in their industry in the same way PestPro Thermal Systems offers unique and proprietary products to the commercial bed bug heating equipment industry.

APPROVE’s network of lenders competes for our customer’s business by offering multiple competing financing offers which ensures they are getting the absolute lowest financing rates available anywhere.

Although this has been mentioned before it warrants repeating: Since monthly payments on the 6-heater Bed Bug Beast™  can be as low as $2,726.00 USD this means that you will be able to cover the monthly payment after doing only one average heat job on a 2500 square-foot US home.

For additional information and details on bed bug heating equipment visit this post: The Ultimate Guide to Bed Bug Heaters: Buying a Bed Bug Heater vs Renting

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