A Lodging Professional’s Best Friend – Electric Bed Bug Heat Equipment

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As most seasoned travelers know by now bed bugs can find you anywhere you may travel.

Whether in a 5-star Hotel or Resort, Motel, Inn, Lodge, Retreat Center, Airbnb or a shared room in a youth hostel bed bugs do not discriminate.

Since 2012 when we sold our very first electric bed bug heater to a small hotel in Ohio our lodging customers continue to report back to us that it was one of the best investments in equipment they ever made. Read our customer’s thoughtful reviews here.

Incidents of bed bugs continue to rise worldwide as reported by almost anyone who touches this issue professionally like hoteliers, pest control companies, facilities managers and property managers. Bed bugs continue to develop resistance to the available pesticides which actually makes matters worse since pesticide resistant bed bugs pass it onto their offspring resulting in pesticides becoming even less effective over time.

Heat has been proven time and time again to be the simplest and most effective method for killing bed bugs, bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs in one treatment averaging 5-7 hours.

How long it takes for an effective heat treatment depends on room size, how cold or hot it is outside and if you have pre-heated the room using the room heater or PTAC. That means that if you start heating a room first thing in the morning it can be occupied by a paying guest that night. No more lost revenue on ‘Out of Service’ rooms which is one of the enormous hidden costs of using pesticides which require multiple applications over weeks.

PestPro Thermal has taken a unique approach in engineering it’s bed bug heaters for lodging establishments. Instead of trying to use every power source in the room we decided to keep things simple and zero in on the PTAC receptacles which have the most power. A PTAC is a combined AC and Heater device which typically uses 220/240v power but can also use 208v or 277v. PestPro Thermal Systems offers its heaters for all these property voltages.

Our Hotel Heater plugs into two PTAC receptacles simultaneously. See diagram below. 

If your property does not use PTAC units then our Standard Heater can plug into one, dedicated high voltage receptacle near your main circuit break panel. 

If the PTACS are 20 amp then the heater can treat up to 360 square feet.

If the PTACS are 30 amp the heater can treat up to 400 square feet.

In combination with the two separate high-volume fans, the room, for all intents and purposes, becomes a giant convection oven.

We also feel strongly given our customer feedback that separate fans, versus built-in fans, give you much more flexibility to direct the super heated air where it needs to go, to more effectively penetrate the items where bed bugs hide. Bed bugs mostly like to hide in mattresses, box springs, side tables, headboards (should be removed from wall) and anything else with fabric and seams.

For those owning and managing lodging properties the advantages of owning your own bed bug heater are straight forward.

Our customers now think of their bed bug heat equipment like any other mission critical piece of equipment like a Speed Queen washer or dryer. It gives them the control they need to discreetly deal with an unmentionable issue in a quick, discreet, simple and cost-effective way.

Protect your reputation from negative reviews that never go away.

Protect your team members health, your guest’s health and your health from repeated indoor applications of pesticides.

Protect your pocketbook from endless pesticide applications. 

Protect your furniture from ever needing to be thrown away.

One of the added benefits of heating your rooms up to 135° F is that dry heat kills odor producing molds and mildews.

Call 970-221-1036 today to place an order for the last bed heater you will ever need!



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