Where To Purchase A Bed Bug Heater?

Posted by Michael Ferkiss on

Welcome to PestPro Thermal Systems where we build the world’s most effective and longest lasting electric bed bug heaters one at a time by hand in Denver CO.

PestPro Thermal Systems is an employee-owned company that opened its doors in 2012.

From the start our primary mission is to manufacture built-to-last, commercial grade, mobile/portable electric bed bug heaters that can be easily maintained and repaired by the customer.

As of April 2019 we have sold over 700 bed bug heaters around the world including Japan, Fiji, France, Dubai, Korea, USA (including the North Slope of Alaska), Canada and the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Our bed bug heaters are used by hotels, very large resorts, employee housing, municipal rapid transit authorities, senior living, sober living/rehab communities, homeless shelters, safe houses and many other residential communities.

If you are looking for an effective Bed Bug treatment, then we can help.

Call 970-221-1036 today to place an order for the last bed heater you will ever need!

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