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Commercial Bed Bug Heaters For Sale

commercial bed bug heaters smallBed bugs continue to be a growing problem in the world. Not only are bed bugs problematic for homeowners, but they can be an issue in any living space. Fumigation with pesticides is the most common option for attacking bed bugs but there are even better, safer methods of getting rid of these annoying critters. One of the most effective methods is using a commercial bed bug heater. PestPro Thermal Systems commercial bed bug heaters can satisfy any need you may have.

Why Use Commercial Heaters?

In a recent Journal of Economic Entomology study, it was found that bed bugs are growing resistant to certain pesticides. Bed Bugs have grown resistant to a common pesticide deltamethrin. The EPA recommends using heat and says don’t turn to pesticides or pest control companies unless it is absolutely necessary.

What is a Commercial Bed Bug Heater?

Commercial heaters are high-powered machines that can be used to eliminate bed bugs from entire living spaces. They can be safely used in any residential setting like hotels, dorms, senior living facilities, apartment buildings, and others. Commercial bed bug heaters are initially more costly compared to smaller heating devices, but they are built to last and can be used and repaired for many years to come. They also save money in the long run when you factor in the damage claims and replacement costs associated with working with systems not having automatic temperature control.

How Does a Commercial Bed Bug Heat Equipment Work?

Studies have shown that heat is effective in getting rid of some pests including bed bugs. Research also shows that bed bugs have become even more resistant to pesticides and other chemical treatments. Using heat has been proven to be the most effective at killing all life stages of bed bugs, including unhatched eggs. The heater works by introducing a high temperature (up to 135°) making it impossible for bed bugs to survive.

Within the first 90-120 minutes, an electric heater warms the ambient air temperature in a room up to 120°. Visible bed bugs on the surface of things will begin to die at this temperature. Over the next 30-45 minutes, the temperature will continue to climb to about 135° and the built-in, automatic thermostat will then cycle the heat elements ON/OFF to maintain the temperature. This temperature is high enough to dehydrate and kill any bed bug in less than 1 minute. For best results, the heat system should be run for an average of 5 hours to ensure the internal/core temperatures of furniture and personal belongings reaches at least 120°.

Precautions of Using Heaters

Although bed bug heaters are safe and easy to operate, and they do not come with harmful side effects, experts caution against being in the room for extended periods of time once temperatures exceed 120°. PestPro Thermal Systems provides wireless digital temperature monitoring systems with its turnkey heat systems. It is very safe to operate our systems and you can ensure that the infested area is heating up to a high enough temperature.

Benefits of Commercial Bed Bug Heaters

Some people initially believe electric bed bug heaters to be too high priced. System prices can range from $2,000 up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on how large an area you need to treat simultaneously. For a business such as a hotel or senior living facility, investing in an appropriately sized heater system will go a long way in ensuring you do not incur losses because of a bad reputation or bad reviews from customers or residents. Hospitals and Dorms should also consider heat systems as well since there are so many new people continually coming and going.

Another benefit of commercial electric bed bug heaters is they are easy to use. Everyone knows how to plug something in to a power outlet and turn on a switch. That is not the same as manually having to monitor and adjust fuels like propane or diesel.

Our heaters were designed from the start to be easy to repair. Parts for our heaters are available at any industrial parts supply house, like Grainger, when repairs are inevitably required. You are never reliant on having to get parts and service from us.

For anyone looking for safer alternatives to pesticides and chemical treatments for eliminating bed bugs, an electric bed bug heat system is your best option. Not only will it kill the bed bugs, but it will also leave your bedding, clothing and personal effects uncontaminated by harmful chemicals that no longer serve the purpose for which they were originally designed which was to KILL BED BUGS.

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In Summary

When buying a commercial bed bug heater, make sure that it is from a trusted dealer. They serve many benefits and heat is the best option for destroying bed bugs. There are various options in the market, and they come with different options and power levels. The bottom line is that when you find a good bed bug heater, dealing with bed bugs will be a thing of the past.