The ‘Beast’ Provides Emergency Power and Emergency Heat for Texas

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

A single point of failure has caused untold damage and suffering in the Lone Star State.

Getting emergency power, emergency heat and water to where it matters most has become a top priority for most Texans.

Here at PestPro Thermal we are deeply saddened by the most recent catastrophe and want to help those wanting to protect their homes and businesses from the next inevitable power, heat and water failure.

It takes decades to upgrade our power infrastructure on the scale required and Texans need help now so they are ready for the worst when it happens again.

PestPro Thermal Systems in partnership with RealPower developed The Bed Bug Beast™ which our customers use primarily to heat treat entire homes, apartments and businesses to kill insects, molds, mildews and pathogens like the current Coronavirus and its variants.

Located in Denver CO, we are employee-owned and operated and have been hand-building our tough-as-nails, simple to use, all-steel electric bed bug heater solutions since 2012.

We are honored serving our over 1000 customers worldwide in many different environments from the beaches of Fiji to the harshest climates of Canada's Northwest Territories to Florida’s swampy Everglades.

The Beast is an Electric Heat System of Firsts:

  • First heat system to use electric heaters POWERED BY THE TRUCK’S ENGINE, not generators!
  • First heat system that is 100% Self-Contained & Self-Powered! ELECTRIC HEAT KILLS bed bugs, eggs, odor causing molds & mildews, termites, lice, fleas, roaches, viral and bacterial pathogens including Covid-19 (WHO study)
  • First heat system that can heat treat HIGH RISE BUILDINGS UP TO 30 STORIES HIGH- or expansive properties like golf clubs and remote resorts
  • First heat system that runs safely and securely while unattended requiring only ONE OPERATOR
  • First heat system that can provide up to 90kW of EMERGENCY POWER during power outages to 7 average homes or 20 apartments
  • First heat system that can provide EMERGENCY HEAT to 18 units simultaneously
  • First heat system that can be used to REMEDIATE FLOOD DAMAGE with heaters and fans
  • First heat system that can plow snow
  • First heat system that is engineered to be SIMPLE TO REPAIR AND MAINTAIN - You won’t be dependent on us to get you up and running again. Top-shelf replacement parts from Amazon/Grainger + our guidance by phone means minimal, expensive downtime
  • First heat system to offer Responsive, Intelligent & Caring CUSTOMER SUPPORT - We know our success is tied to your success!

The Beast’s Advantages over Trailer Systems include:

  • No Trailer hassles like limited parking, backing up accidents, theft
  • No Generator Problems: loud, smoky, separate fuel system and separate exhaust system, expensive maintenance and long repair downtimes
Emergency Power Texas
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Monthly Payments Starting as Low as:

The Bed Bug Beast ™ 4 Heater Truck $2,316.52 / 60 months APPLY 

The Bed Bug Beast ™ - 6 Heater Truck $2,726.15 / 60 months APPLY  

The Bed Bug Beast ™ 18 Heater Truck $5,428.70 / 60 months APPLY  

Our flagship heater is rated at 10,000 Watts and puts out 34,120 BTUs of heat.

*Much of our equipment has been in near constant use since our founding in 2012. Parts are easily acquired at Grainger, Amazon or McMaster-Carr. We will talk you through how to install replacement parts quickly so you are not dependent and waiting on us to repair your equipment - reducing downtime and eliminating round-trip shipping costs like most budget equipment suppliers. Whenever you add a 10,000-Watt heater and 1 or 2 fans you grow your treatable area up to 400 square feet to treat any size area.

6 electric heater for sale

Our professional, Bed Bug Beast™ uses a power distribution system connected to a built-in alternator using the PTO (Power Take-Off) feature on your F-Series or Class 6/7 Truck.

The largest version of The Beast can treat up to 7200 square feet in 5 hours putting out a mind-blowing 614,160 BTUs of safe, electric heat - unmatched by any competitive electric heat system.

This first of its kind, proprietary power distribution method, enables you to treat, power or heat multiple units simultaneously when dealing with large, heavily infested apartment complexes, dorms, barracks or employee housing including commercial ships when docked.

Yet another 'Best-in-Class' feature unmatched by any other electric heat system is cable length from truck to treatment area can exceed 300 feet or more.

This allows you to provide heat treatments to hi-rise units as high as the 29th floor.

Watch Video here or embedded.