Hotel Heater Package

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Choose this package if your property uses combined AC/Heat PTAC units. Heater has 2 cords and plugs into two PTAC receptacles simultaneously. 

Then choose if your PTAC outlets are connected to the 20 amp or 30 amp circuit breakers. (Unfortunately, we do not offer a heater for outlets that are connected to the newer 15 amp PTACS. However, if you have 15 amp PTACS it is an option to install dedicated outlet(s) and use a UNIVERSAL 1 cord heater.)

20A PTAC Heater produces 9000 Watts - 9kW - 30,700 BTUs

30A PTAC Heater produced 10,000 Watts - 10kW - 34,120 BTUs

CHOOSE from 208v, 240v, or 277v

No More blown GFCIs with this heater!


For questions on this package or PTAC questions Call Us or text a photo of your PTAC outlets to (970) 443-8119.



The user of this equipment is responsible for verifying the building electrical system is adequate, properly sized and installed per NFPA 70: National Electrical Code for the load indicated.  PestPro Thermal Systems is not responsible for damages or non-functionality due to an improper electrical system.  PestPro Thermal Systems recommends consulting with a licensed electrician prior to connecting the heater.