Professional Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment

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The most Durable, Effective, Efficient Electrical Bed Bug Heaters Available on the market.

  • Lightweight heaters less than 75 pounds
  • All Steel construction
  • Bed bug heaters for hotels & motels
  • Power options that treat anything from a small dorm room up to a 4000 square foot home!

  • One-man setup and operation
  • Practical – easy to maintain and repair
  • Commercial bed bug heat equipment
  • PestPro Thermal bed bug heaters can draw power from generator or building

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BugWiser™ bedbug heaters are available for sale separately or as part of a complete PestPro thermal treatment system.

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PestPro Thermal treatment systems are easy to use and include training at a real treatment site with an experienced pest professional!

What type of bed bug heat system is best for me?

If you are in the market for a bed bug heat treatment system, there is a bewildering array of equipment available in the marketplace today. Electrical, propane, indirect-direct heat, hydronic, BTUs, kilowatts… The choices can seem overwhelming. So how can you make an informed, intelligent decision that will best match your eventual purchase with your needs?

Propane or Electric Bed Bug Heaters?

The first decision that you face is the type of heat source your system will use. The choice is broadly between fuel-based systems which burn propane or diesel fuel to directly produce heat, or electrical systems which use generators or building power to convert electricity into heat. Generally speaking, fuel-based systems offer more power in terms of BTUs than electrical systems, which translates into quicker heatup when the system is turned on. The downside of that power is that it not infrequently damages property, is often difficult to control and distribute heat evenly, is overkill for small treatments like dorms or hotels, and always requires complicated, time-consuming setup and breakdown, which diminishes or eliminates the advantage of quick heatup. Electrical heat systems are typically less powerful in terms of BTUs, which means they heat up more slowly; but that slower heatup is offset by quicker, simpler setup and breakdown, and that operation is more reliably controlled, which prevents property damage and better distributes heat for more effective treatment.

What is the Best Voltage?

If an electrical system makes the most sense to you, two parameters will define how your system performs for you-the operating voltage and the power of your heaters. With respect to voltage, 120v systems are the simplest, but they require more standard 15-amp circuits than are ever available in the treatment area, whether that is a dorm room or a 4500sf home. On the other extreme, 460v systems minimize the size of power cords, but require excessive distribution apparatus and are entirely reliant on a generator. 240v systems offer all of the advantages of 460 voltage with fewer pieces and fewer pounds of distribution apparatus, while also allowing you the flexibility to use power from the building being treated, a generator or both simultaneously.

What Size Bed Bug Heat System Should I Buy?

Heater power is the other primary consideration when evaluating an electrical system. Underpowered systems mean that heatup will waste valuable time. On the other hand, overpowered systems are overkill for small jobs and can make it difficult to evenly distribute heat through multi-room sites, often resulting in ineffective treatments. To further complicate things, some manufacturers rate the power of their equipment based on generator size rather than the power of their heaters. Clearly rated, multi­-heater systems solve these challenges.

Why Should I Buy PestPro?

PestPro Thermal Systems offers durable, professional grade equipment to kill bed bugs, with systems which are rated from 10 to 90 kilowatts. Our systems operate at their full, rated power , are lighter and easier to use than competitive units, and are available in convenient 240 voltage.

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