Bed Bug Heaters for Sale Canada

Simple, safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic heat has been scientifically proven to kill everything from pathogens like the SARS-CoV-2 virus and all its variants to bed bugs to molds and mildews to all sorts of other pests like fleas, spiders, cockroaches and bugs of all types.

PestPro Thermal Systems, Aurora CO USA is proud to make available a truly remarkable and revolutionary solution for our Canadian neighbors to the north.

The Bed Bug Beast™ has been successfully operated by a national pest control organization in Cleveland OH since September 2019 and is now ready for immediate rollout to Canada.

‘The Beast’, as it was affectionately nicknamed by the first guys to operate it is a one-of-a-kind, once in a generation truck that derives electric power from the engine under the hood connected to an on-board alternator neatly tucked in the undercarriage of the truck’s frame.

In turn, the self-generated electricity is enough to power up to 18 10,000 watt bed bug heaters for a mind blowing total heat output of 180,000 watts or 614,160 BTUs...enough to kill pathogens or bed bugs in up to 7,200 square feet.

Smaller versions of The Beast are the 6 heater and the 4 heater models.

Bed Bug Heaters

The Beast does away with the need for a tow-behind generator and all the hassles and maintenance and repair downtime.

With this kind of overwhelming power and heat you can effectively kill pathogens, bed bugs, molds and mildews on the 30th floor of a hi-rise building WITHOUT having to plug the bed bug heaters into the building’s power. The Beast is 100% Self-Powered plus you have the option to add 240v heaters that plug into stoves and dryers for additional coverage (400 square feet per bed bug heater).

PestPro Thermal Systems has been providing DIY bed bug heat treatment equipment to Canadians since 2012. One of our first and largest customers was a very large pest control operator in Kelowna BC.

Although professional bed bugs companies represent a large portion of our customer list we have also provided equipment to provincial governments like the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation who uses PestPro Thermal bed bug treatment heaters in all five of their Districts. You can read the CBC article here.

We have happy Canadian customers who love to share their positive bed bug killing experiences including a 5 star luxury resort in remote British Columbia, a Senior Housing Community in Lethbridge AB, a luxury waterfront hotel in Thunder Bay Ontario, a Children’s Camp on Vancouver Island BC, Single Room Occupancy buildings in Kitchener ON, a YMCA boarding facility for endangered women in Vancouver, a very large PCO in Toronto as well as a national cannabis company in Winnipeg Manitoba that is using our heaters inside their decontamination shipping containers in concert with specialized Ultraviolet lighting to kill Covid-19 on PPE for hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. See CTV article here

Canadians now represents almost half our customer base and we are very grateful for that. We love Canada and we love having Canadians as our customers.

The Beast is the first of its kind for a list of compelling reasons:

  • First No-trailer system to use electric heaters POWERED BY THE TRUCK’S ENGINE. No tow-behind generator required.
  • First No-trailer system that is 100% Self-Contained & Self-Powered! ELECTRIC HEAT KILLS bed bugs, molds, pathogens including Covid-19 (WHO study) and most other bugs
  • First No-trailer system that can treat multiple units simultaneously in HI-RISE BUILDINGS UP TO 30 STORIES HIGH- or expansive properties like golf clubs and remote eco-resorts
  • First No-trailer system that runs safely and securely while locked = 1 man operation = DECREASED LABOR COSTS
  • First No-trailer system that provides up to 90kW of EMERGENCY POWER during power outages to 7 average homes or 20 apartments
  • First No-trailer system that can provide EMERGENCY HEAT to 18 units simultaneously
  • First No-trailer system that can be used to REMEDIATE FLOOD DAMAGE
  • First No-trailer system that can plow snow
  • First No-trailer system that uses bed bug heaters engineered to be SIMPLE TO REPAIR AND MAINTAIN – Your operational uptime is not dependent on us, the manufacturer. Universally available replacement parts from industrial parts suppliers including Amazon/Grainger + our guidance by phone minimizes expensive downtime
  • First No-trailer system which includes TIER 1 CUSTOMER PHONE/ZOOM SUPPORT - Our success is dependent on your success!
  • First No-Trailer heat system with a super fast  Return on Investment. Even if you charge below market rates. Your first job each month will pay for your monthly payment.

Advantages Over Trailer Systems include:

  • No Trailer hassles like limited parking, backing up accidents, theft
  • No Generator Problems: No separate fuel systems! No separate exhaust systems! No expensive maintenance and long repair downtimes! No loud, smoky generators!

For those Canucks not quite ready for ‘The Beast’ you can use PestPro Thermal residential bed bug heaters for sale to heat treat your home or apartment and those of your loved ones and friends. Alternatively you can start your bed bug heat treatment company using commercial bed bug heaters for sale with the PestPro Thermal UNIVERSAL BED BUG HEATER PACKAGE -  a single bed bug heater paired with a fan starting at $3,999.00 USD. (Shipping is around $225.00 USD extra if destination is in or near a large Canadian city.)

The UNIVERSAL bed bug heater’s name describes its unique ability to plug into either a 40 or 50 amp standard electric stove outlet or a 30 amp dryer outlet. The package includes 4 “pig tail” adapter cables ensuring you will be able to plug your bed bug heater into any style electric dryer or stove receptacle in North America.

There are plenty of low cost, plastic imports to choose from in Canada that plug into standard 110/120v wall outlets but many of our customers who initially purchased them have found them to be impractical and confusing. Some of these units require up to 8 power cords, each connected to its own circuit, to garner enough power to make them work. Creating enough heat to safely and effectively kill bed bugs requires lots of power which is why our bed bug heaters use the 220/240 HIGH VOLTAGE power receptacles used by electric stoves and dryers. Imagine having to plug your electric stove into 8 different wall outlets to make it work. Just because something is technically possible it doesn't mean it is practical or safe. We strongly believe in the principle of KISS or "Keep It Simple ...."

PestPro bed bug heaters Canada will never compete on price with the plastic, imported, low-cost bed bug heaters that have flooded the market since bed bug infestations have exploded about 15 years ago. We are committed to building products that will withstand the test of time and abuse. It would be like comparing the Speed Queen washers and dryers used in laundromats to those found at Home Depot used in people’s homes. We have committed to the long-term success of our customers using our bed bug heating equipment knowing it is often being used in remote, hostile and extreme environments. It is not practical, nor cost effective to ship it back to the US for repairs so we have engineered our bed bug heaters to be self-repairable by you with unlimited phone support from us until you are back up and running.

When someone asks how much is a bed bug exterminator to come to my home or apartment the answer can be surprisingly high. Not only that but it is typically a one-time event with no guarantees if the bed bugs return. For that reason, it often makes sense to invest in a PestPro Thermal commercial grade bed bug heater package which can be rented to other landlords or loaned to friends and family. Current average daily rental rates for a standard bed bug heater is $400 USD which makes for a compelling and quick return on investment.

If you can achieve and hold a thermal death point of at least 120° F/49 C or higher inside your furniture you can kill all life stages of bed bugs including bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults in the first treatment. That cannot be said for toxic, chemical insecticides which, through natural evolutionary forces bed bugs have developed a resistance to.

Zipwall spring loaded poles creating a temporary wall to contain bed bug heat

Another benefit of owning your own bedbug heater package is you can always convert a closet or create a small, temporary room using spring loaded, telescoping Zipwall poles and plastic sheeting for a ‘hotbox’ to spot heat treat luggage or personal belongings that you suspect has bed bugs. 

Shrink room size or create a hotbox to cook bed bugs using Zipwall poles

We are always here to help you make smart decisions that will benefit you or your organization for many years to come.

Bed bugs cannot escape plastic and blue painters tape and zipwall poles

Call us when you are ready at 970-221-1036  for meaningful answers to your intelligent questions.