Giving Back

We believe that successful companies can only grow in successful communities.

PestPro Thermal Systems supports our non-profit community with up to a 10% discount on all bed bug heater purchases made by qualified non-profit organizations and Veteran-owned businesses.

We are committed to helping the following customer organizations both financially and through the volunteer efforts of our team.

Please feel free to DONATE  or volunteer your skills to any of the worthy causes listed below.

All of the the customer organizations below use our bed bug heaters to kill bed bugs in their facilities for both pre-move-in intake "hot boxes" (to kill bed bugs using heat on personal items and furniture) and whole-room applications (to kill bed bugs and their eggs in the entire room).



We our proud that our products are used to provide immediate, non-toxic relief to these folks in need while avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides to kill bed bugs.

If you represent a non-profit organization suffering from ongoing bed bug infestations and are looking for a safe and eco-friendly solution to kill bed bugs please call us.

Call or text 970-443-8119 today to order the last bed bug heater you will ever need!