100% Effective Bed Bug Kill Rate - Heat Never Fails!

All Steel Construction, Powder Coated Inside and Out lasts a Lifetime - No Plastic to Expand, Contract, Fail with Every Heat Job

2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Save Money Long Term- compared to heat treatment service companies


Features / Benefits:

  • We use only Stainless Steel Heat Strips, Not “Snap and Fail” Toaster Coils Requiring Constant Replacement
  • We Do It Right The First Time To Avoid Having to Make it Right the Second Time
  • Durable: Hand-Built to Last a Lifetime
  • Industry Leading 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Control: Professional Grade Means Maximum Uptime and Minimal Downtime
  • DIY Repairability with Open Source Parts from Amazon / Grainger + our Tier 1 Phone Support
  • Safest Option for Children and Pets - Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Zero Chemicals
  • #1 Selling Bed Bug Heater in Remote Canada and Alaska for Durability, Reliability, Self-Repairability, and Company Reputation
  • Maximum Power for Maximum Heat: One-Cord, High Voltage, Flexible Power Options
  • Open and Supportive International User Community Swaps Hacks, Tips, Tricks

PestPro Thermal heaters have saved our customers thousands of dollars compared to what they might have spent hiring heat treatment service companies one time. Most cannot offer guarantees due to the difficulty in proving whether the home has suffered reinfestation due to a separate event. The secret is the industrial-grade components found within PestPro Thermal heaters which are the same as the professionals use.

Chemical treatments are messy, waste time, and are ineffective because bedbugs have built resistance to those treatments. Heat treatment is the best and most effective way to get rid of bedbugs. Customers tell us all the time how these units pay for themselves after only a few treatments! Save time and money by purchasing your own professional-grade electric bedbug heater.

Our heaters are easy to use, user-serviceable, and built to last, with parts purchased from Grainger or Amazon. Many of our commercial clients have been using their heaters daily since 2012. They also include a two-year warranty and great support. Simply call or contact us with a question, and we can help.

PestPro Thermal helps homeowners, apartment renters, Airbnb owners, hotels, all the way to complete professionals around the globe. Let us help you get rid of bedbugs today!

Residential bed bug heater solutions

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I typed "electric bedbug heaters" into google and the information on PestPro came up. Michael stayed with me on the phone at length, patiently answering my questions and the rest is bedbug history. We ordered the machine, treated all three bedrooms to be on the safe side and couldn't be more delighted with the outcome. It could make a great a little business treating bedbugs. We would give Michael and PestPro Thermal ten stars if we could.

- Nancy Keltner


We decided NOT to use poisonous chemicals. Lots of exterminators on the web using scare tactics and saying that heat treatment doesn’t work. But we are living proof that it does work and it works great. We only treated the bedrooms and we are happy to say we are bed bug free. Thanks again Michael.

- Brent & Caron


We hired a national pest control company and they tried for 3 months to get rid of the bed bugs and were not successful. One treatment session with the PestPro Thermal system and we were bed bug free. Heat is the ONLY way to go.

– Steve B


The average bed bug cost plus the high re-infestation rate was bleeding our organization dry. The unit is easy to operate and works GREAT! Anyone can be taught how to operate the equipment within a matter of minutes. Our investment in this equipment has already paid for itself 3 times over and we’ve only been using it for a little over a month.

– Joe G


We hired the professionals to come and service our facility. Three months and $5,000 later, the bed bugs were back. We have been using the PestPro Thermal System for 4 years now and remain bed bug free!! I highly recommend!

– Shawn G


The PestPro system we purchased from you has been a huge success and has managed to kill off the bed bugs. Again, thank you for excellent sales and service. We will have no hesitation in recommending your products in the future.

– Jason Bates


When I was introduced to PestPro and purchased their product it was like all of our problems simply went away overnight. Heat has been the best killer for this bug. PestPro has been a god send. Thank you so much.

– Tarpan P


This unit has been extremely effective in treating our units and lowering our Pest Control costs. It will pay for itself quickly!

– Joel Champion


You will not go wrong doing business with this great company.

– William Pricener


When those blood suckers get inside, they breed and feed and nobody can sleep. This machine clears out all living insects and their eggs in a five hour session. It works for bed bugs, fleas, and all pesky insects. I can do it on my schedule and not have to wait days or weeks for an exterminator to get excellent results!

It is easy to use and I rent it to other landlords at $400 a day. It has paid for itself all ready and I am purchasing another. This is a must for any property management company. When insects have to go, call PestPro!

– Ann Tambur


The cost of bedbug treatment was through the roof with a very limited warranty and no guarantee that I wouldn't have another re-infestation. I found PestPro Thermal. It's been almost 5 months and I have not had another reoccurrence. The best thing is, that if I ever have another run in with those little demon blood suckers, I'm well equipped to go into battle! I am so grateful to have found PestPro Thermal Systems and highly recommend them!

– RJ Lucero