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American Flag. PestPro electric bed bug heaters are Made in USA


PestPro Thermal's safe electric heaters use convection to force heat, not chemical pesticides, deep into mattresses, sofas, walls, baseboards, and anywhere bed bugs and their eggs might be hiding.

Located in Fort Collins, CO USA, PestPro Thermal Systems has been employee-owned and operated since we opened for business in 2012.

Thermal or heat remediation for bed bugs has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and environmental friendliness. By utilizing heat, this method can eliminate bed bugs across all life stages of bed bugs, including eggs and nymphs, which are not as effectively targeted by non-heat treatments like chemical pesticides.

The immediate results are particularly appealing since it provides quick relief from the infestation. Additionally, the ability to treat items like electronics, furniture, and other belongings that might not withstand liquid treatments is a huge benefit. Moreover, the reduced need for extensive cleaning or site preparation by the customer streamlines the process and minimizes inconvenience.

Overall, thermal remediation (heat treatment) has proven to be the most reliable and efficient approach in exterminating bed bugs while offering several practical advantages for both the service provider and the customer experiencing the bed bug infestation. 

Building The Best Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment Is All We Do

Our mission and purpose are simple: To build the highest quality, safest, and most effective electric bed bug heaters possible. 

We only SELL DIRECT to our customers, NO middlemen and price markups and the potential for finger pointing support scenarios.

We will never pass the buck if you have an issue with our products.

We only do one thing so we can focus on building, supporting, and improving our electric bed bug heaters over time with valuable customer feedback coming from a variety of use cases.

We Are Committed To The Long-Term Value Our Electric Bed Bug Heaters Represent

We only sell high-voltage electric bed bug heaters, so we don't have to worry about supporting unrelated equipment like insecticide sprayers, dehumidifiers, and freezing or steaming equipment. We are committed to providing customized and thoughtful support for our heaters based on each customer's particular circumstance and situation.

Providing long-term value to our customers is our fundamental business strategy. Our success is built on strong, mutually beneficial customer relationships resulting in confident customer referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations.

We have been told our heaters are virtually indestructible. You will never be dependent on us for parts and repairs as all the internal components of our heaters are top-shelf with unsurpassed quality and available at suppliers like Grainger, Amazon and McMaster-Carr.

Self repairing your bed bug heater with just a few simple tools, a screwdriver and a wrench gives you back control of your time.

Repair your bed bug room heater your self using simple tools and take back control of your time and business reputation.



Our responsive over-the phone support means you will always be able to perform maintenance and make repairs yourself which minimizes expensive down time.


Our customers come from all walks of life because bed bugs don’t discriminate!· 

  • Pest Control Operators – IPM – Exterminators
  • Lodging
  • Student Housing – Employee Housing
  • Summer Camps – Retreat Centers
  • Military – Pilot Training Facilities (with Zero-Pesticide Tolerance Policies)
  • Property Management Companies
  • Apartment Building Owners and Operators
  • Furniture Rental Companies – Rent-To-Own - RTO
  • Homeowners - Renters - Landlords - STVRs  

      We are honored to have over 1,400+ bed bug heaters operating in the US, Canada and around the world including remote locations like Fiji, the Northwest Territories and above the Arctic Circle.

      Bed Bugs Cover the Earth

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