PestPro Thermal Reviews

July 22nd 2020 I started doing business with PestPro Thermal in 2015 and after 5 years, my 2 machines are still running strong and they are used continually.  I own rental properties that cater to low income seniors so you can imagine that my cliental is fairly transient.  With that being said, early on I had some problems with tenants bringing in bed bugs from other establishments.  I decided to institute a “Bed Bug Abatement” protocol in my properties whereby upon move-in we routinely heat treat new tenants rooms 2 weeks after move-in so that if they bring anything in, we eliminate the critters before it can become a problem.  It has worked perfectly!  We have had no issues since instituting this program and the City refers to us as their poster child in how we manage our properties in part because of this protocol.  Thank you Michael for your exceptional product and for being there for us whenever we have needed direction and/or service!

Pest Thermal is the real deal. The staff members are extremely sweet and answered all my questions to make sure my equipment was running smoothly. I reached out to Pestpro on July 19 and purchased from them on July 20. I explained to Michael how the infestation happened in my home and was mainly in my child’s bedroom. I was getting ready to bring a newborn home and I didn’t want to bring him into a home with bed bugs. I was trying so hard to get rid of the bugs I was spraying every week and vacuuming every day and nothing worked. I did my research and found that the only way to effectively kill bed bugs is with heat. My husband found Pestpro Thermal on the Internet after extensive research and I am so thankful he did. First, I was very skeptical because it was a lot of money they were asking for the equipment . My main thoughts were what if it doesn’t work?  what if I don’t receive the item? Once I spoke with Michael all of my doubts went away. Michael was straight  forward  and very patient with me. He answered all of my questions and did everything he could to help me understand what the machine was and what it was capable of doing. After receiving the equipment we read all directions / instructions and put the equipment straight to work. This machine is the real deal and puts out a lot of heat. The machine produces so much heat you can’t sleep in the room the day you do the treatment. You have to wait until the next morning and sometimes the room is still hot. When your room returns to normal temperature you will be amazed at what you see and how many insects were hiding in that room and furniture. I wish that I would have recorded the process. It has been a month and we have not seen any bugs in our home. So I would like to thank Pestpro Thermal for everything they have done for my family. Michael really does have a huge heart and cares about his customers. If you’re looking to get rid of bed bugs I recommend reaching out to Pestpro Thermal , their equipment is very durable  and it is NOT cheaply made. Now that I have used it and seen how well it works I think the equipment is probably underpriced compared to the quotes I got for an exterminator to come just one time. Again, thank you Pestpto Thermal.  My family and I  are able to sleep comfortably at night now thanks to your equipment and guidance.


July 14th 2020: Our business is exclusively rental properties and unfortunately one property became infested with bed bugs. First time in 42 years, but our luck finally ran out. Then we discovered the little buggers hitched a ride home with my husband. I was not willing to go with heavy chemicals in my home so after much research and a phone call to Pest Pro Thermal I decided to give heat a shot. Michael was very helpful and patient with my many phone calls. Since our high ceilings created some issues, Michael gave me great advice to get the best results.

March 10th, 2020 It is absolutely amazing to go into a unit with active bed bugs scurrying around in the usual areas of a room especially on mattresses/bedding and after using the PestPro thermal unit to see them all dead. They are flattened and you will find even more than you thought were there in the first place. My set up-paid for itself within the first six months of use. Hopefully you buy it and it sits in the corner collecting dust but if you are a landlord like myself I highly doubt that will be the case.

A quick note to let you guys know that all of us here are thrilled with the new all-in-one heat remediation trucks we purchased from Pest Pro and Real Power. The performance and reliability of the Real Power generator system continues to exceed our expectations and the dependability is like night and day compared to the separate generators we used to run.

Eliminating trailers has opened up new opportunities for us, reduced risk, and improved our ability to execute services on a variety of levels. Combined with the added efficiency of the high voltage Pest Pro heaters, we are also reducing operating costs. Keep up the good work and thank you for providing us a truly remarkable solution.

I am the pastor of a church that has some rental properties. A couple of years ago one of our properties became infested with bed bugs and after much frustration I decided to have it treated by a local company who used a heat process . The treatment was successful but very expensive and came with a very short warranty. Recently an elderly couple in our church had the same issue in their home. We decided it might be best to just purchase a machine and take care of it ourselves. I'm so glad we did, the sales person was a great help and walked us through the process. In a very short time they were bed bug free and very grateful. Thanks to the Pest Pro Thermal equipment should the need arise again we are ready.

I represent a busy Wyndham Hotel in the Midwest and recently purchased a product from Pest Pro Thermal. My experience was excellent, the sales representative was knowledgeable and we were able to identify which product would work best at my hotel. When the product arrived, immediately upon unboxing it we could tell the machine was made of quality materials and will stand the test of time. We were given an instructional video for quick reference as well as a paper and electronic handbook. Operating the machine was intuitive and easy after the room is prepared. The results look to speak for themselves and we now feel comfortable having this tool at our disposal. Highly Recommend.

Hotels are always at risk of guests bringing assorted and unwanted pest infestations in with them, and chemical treatments have not been a dependable method of control for us. Chemical treatments require toxic chemicals and extended blocking of rooms to be effective, (i.e. lost revenue). And worse, re-treatments have been necessary 50% of the time for us, so additional pest exposure to guests, (more unhappy guests equals more risk of bad online reviews and more lost revenue). In contrast, heat treatment can be done in one day and immediately returned to service, so the up front cost of the equipment is QUICKLY recouped.

Additionally, the equipment is of great quality and was tailored to our facility, so we expect many years of dependable service. Heat treatment is hands down the best control method, and PestPro has been excellent to deal with, so we recommend them highly.

Thanks again for a great product and great service!

I’ve been doing business with PestPro Thermal Systems since 2014 using their equipment to do thermal heat jobs in NYC. Michael and the rest of his team are professional and extremely helpful when it comes to anything having to do with killing bed bugs with thermal heat. They have helped me numerous times with different situations. I recommend their equipment and company to anybody. It's always a pleasure doing business with them.

Once the panic subsided, we became educated on bed bugs only to realize they were nothing more than a common pest. We decided NOT to use poisonous chemicals. Lots of exterminators on the web using scare tactics and saying that heat treatment doesn’t work. But we are living proof that it does work and it works great. We wanted to make sure the heat treatment worked before submitting a review. It was a once and done type of program. Nothing could survive that kind of heat. The infestation was mild because we got on it right away. We only treated the bedrooms and we are happy to say we are bed bug free. Thanks again Michael.

I am the GM for a Hotel in northwest Alaska and we have been using PestPro Thermal heat equipment for 3.5 years now with great success. Our equipment has been dependable and effective. The home office has been very helpful when questions arise. This nationwide issue is never easy to deal with, but I would recommend this product for any needs you may have.

We are a permanent SRO complex in San Francisco with multiple sites. Having fought pest issues with unacceptable results, we did thorough research and decided on the Pest Pro Thermal unit for our needs. It’s all steel construction was a big selling point as we will be moving it from site to site. That and having all its parts available through Grainger, and the ease of swapping them out. This unit has been extremely effective in treating our units and lowering our Pest Control costs. It will pay for itself quickly!

After more than a year of trying all cheaper remedies, PestPro heaters did the trick. Bed bugs in each of my rentals are gone in one day! This has been an excellent investment.

I am the GM at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Tampa FL. We decided to invest in bed bug heat equipment to get rid of all unwanted critters and bugs that are a nightmare of the hospitality industry. We contacted the Denver manufacturer and our contact was Michael, who acted professionally, leading, assisting and helping us from the first step of our purchase process. Thank you! F.K.

We are a non-profit drug and alcohol recovery community in Commerce City CO. Housed out of a refurbished hotel we have over 150 residents in our program at any given time. After struggling with multiple bed bug outbreaks over the time span of a few months and reaching out to several companies in the metro area and literally spending thousands of dollars we were at our wits end with bed bugs. After contacting Michael at PestPro Thermal we were invited down to their office to see their heaters in action. We were very impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the units and ended up purchasing two heaters for our property. Michael and the team were very helpful checking out the property first hand and making sure that the units we were looking at were going to be enough for our room sizes as well as double checking that the supply to run the heaters was adequate. We picked up the heaters on a Friday and after fine tuning the process were able to heat individual rooms in about 6 hours and move to the next. We successfully treated an entire 5000 square foot floor over the course of the next week and have been bed bug free ever since. We could not be more thankful to the team at PestPro Thermal for not only taking the time to make sure the equipment they were proposing would work for us but also taking the time to train myself and several members of my staff to feel comfortable operating everything. We know there is no way to prevent bed bugs but we feel confident in moving forward that we can handle everything quickly and efficiently. Thanks again!

We have been fighting bed bugs in our residence hall for three months. We were not quite sure what to do since it had been 22 years since we last had them. We hired a national pest control company and they tried for 3 months to get rid of the bed bugs and were not successful. One treatment session with the PestPro Thermal system and we were bed bug free. Heat is the ONLY way to go.

I run a transitional/sober living facility that accommodates hundreds of clients per year. We had a severe bed bug problem. We hired the professionals to come and service our facility. Three months and $5,000 later, the bed bugs were back. We have been using the PestPro Thermal System for 4 years now and remain bed bug free!! I highly recommend!

Very happy overall. The equipment works great and we are now in more control over how we are treating for bed bugs. The training provided was great and we were up and running within in a day. Much appreciated!

After exhaustive research into companies that provide heating systems for the eradication of bed bugs, I opted to deal with PestPro thermal. Wonderful people to work with and the system practically runs itself. Like anything else, you’ll tweak the procedure to where it works best for you. The on-the-job training by PR Olsen in South Dakota was well worth braving the cold. All in all, the only complaint I have about the system is that I didn’t make the move sooner. Thanks Bob, Michael and Hugh!

I am a franchisee for a national furniture rental company. I have had 1 machine for about 3 years now without a single issue after constant use. I did a lot of research as well as talking to PestPro Thermal on the phone prior to making the investment I have. They were very patient with me and have been there to answer any and all questions I have had along the way. I just a couple weeks ago purchased another unit so I don’t have to run the machine between my 2 locations. The bed bug issue isn’t getting any better so we have to be prepared. PestPro Thermal machines have performed flawlessly so far and I obviously wasn’t hesitant to buy additional equipment. I’d strongly suggest this company.

I spoke with numerous bed bug remediation manufacturers and found PestPro to be the one that always provided me with the quickest and most helpful answers to all questions to the sale and operation of their equipment. They have always been fair, straight forward and pleasant to deal with. It was an easy choice when it came time to decide which company and their equipment would do the best job for us. We just received our second order of equipment and look forward to continued growth with PestPro’s help.

After extensive research I purchased a 50kW system. Despite almost daily use it remains durable, mobile and dependable. On the few occasions I have had a minor issue the staff has been honest, sincere, friendly and very helpful resolving my issue quickly.

Hi Michael. I would like to thank you for selling us a quality product. We have over 480 local workers here on Vunabaka Fiji and have been struggling for some time now to control the widespread problem of bed bugs amongst the construction staff. We had tried chemical type products with NO satisfactory result and a lot of discomfort for the workers to sleep. The PestPro system we purchased from you has been a huge success and has managed to kill off the bed bugs. Again, thank you for excellent sales and service. We will have no hesitation in recommending your products in the future.

This issue is one of the biggest problems facing the hospitality industry. It is not a matter of “IF” it will happen but rather “WHEN” it will happen. We chose to take a pro-active position and researched various treatment systems, eventually purchasing a system from PestPro Thermal. We have been very pleased with the performance, the quality and the discreteness of it.

Good quality – decent price. I like their use of 240v – available power option. System is a manageable size and power choice. Well designed equipment. Responsive technical support. I especially like that they are in CO and easy to get a hold of.

It is great to have a system that one person can operate. The system is consistent in performance, that allows us to know how many heaters to use and how long to expect to be at a jobsite. We love the flexibility that the Pest Pro Thermal equipment provides. We can adjust pricing and be creative in providing solutions for our customers. I would recommend the system to companies of any size. The team at Pest Pro provides the support and training you need to be successful.

Due to the unintentional import of bed bugs to the North Slope of Alaska we needed to find a solution to ending any infestations we might discover in our remote living facilities. After much research, I received a recommendation from a hotel manager in Anchorage to try out the PestPro equipment. I have to say, as a contractor wanting to provide world class customer service, we were ecstatic to obtain a piece of equipment that has worked as well as the PestPro 10kW unit we purchased. Once discovered, we have confidently eliminated any infestations, small or large. I would recommend contacting PestPro Thermal if you are in need of or in the market for equipment that works to eliminate bed bugs.

Purchased the PestPro Thermal system about 2 years ago and it’s a great product from a great company with exceptional customer service. I love the size of my heaters compared to some of the others on the market, very manageable to move around and fit in my truck.

I was looking for 15 years for any kind of system to kill bed bugs and finally found it. Thank you PestPro Thermal company. Perfect service and nice people, who care about you.

Bob and Michael provide outstanding service and support for our heat system. They recently updated our system with necessary upgrades at no charge. Equipment is clean and sturdy and shows great focus on workmanship! Highly recommend PestPro for your heat treatment needs!

I really wasn’t sure if this new technology for treating bed bugs was the way to go…but I am extremely pleased with my purchase and PestPro in general. Their products performed as advertised and their staff was there for us to answer any and all questions. Most importantly, their product works! I am grateful for their professionalism and would happily recommend them to others.

We purchased 3 complete systems (2 heaters/2 fans per system) about 3 years ago. We treat 20-30 transit buses per week. We do these mostly on a pro-active basis. We have reduced our complaints to a minimal amount. The system works great and has been flawless. I would highly recommend this system.

I supervise work crews on an American Indian reservation in Arizona. The new PestPro thermal equipment has stood up to extreme heat conditions of the Sonoran desert. We have called asking for advice on certain situations and our questions were answered. That is the best thing about the system, you are not abandoned after the purchase.

We purchased our 55kW diesel generator powered PestPro Thermal trailer system in August of 2017 and it has worked as advertised! We received a full day of comprehensive job training which helped tremendously. The units are light weight and one person can do the set-up in a reasonable amount of time. Any questions I have had, have been answered quickly and they even drove out to my location to see how it was going a few months after I purchased it. Thank you for the great service!

In the midst of the bed bug epidemic of 2009-2011 we were inundated with rooms out of service throughout the summer season. We would have a room infested and then have the exterminator come in and do their job. The room would be out of service for three weeks while the chemical solution worked. Needless to say this cost us a lot. When I was introduced to PestPro and purchased their product it was like all of our problems simply went away overnight. Heat has been the best killer for this bug. Now rooms come back into service within 24 hours and we know there are no chemicals in the room. PestPro has been a god send. Thank you so much. I always try to recommend PestPro to everybody I know in the industry.

Michael and the PestPro team were a huge help with my bed bug remediation process. Steve taught me “everything bedbugs” and was kind, patient and extremely generous with his time and knowledge. The bugs were gone fairly quickly and the thermal treatments were a huge help. Thank you so much Michael and PestPro, I’m so glad I found you and that with your help the bugs are now gone!

We want to take a moment to write a quick testimonial for Pest pro equipment. We have used their equipment going on SEVEN years. We have found it to be reliable and durable in day-to-day use that team members put it through. The equipment is user friendly and moves easily into positions in homes, apartments, and motel rooms. Their support staff has been quick to respond and answer our questions. We are very pleased with the revenue stream from this equipment and the customers are extremely happy with the results.

We purchased our 20kW PestPro bedbug heat treatment system in March of 2012, after researching available equipment and observing demonstrations by the two largest equipment manufacturers. Our PestPro system was easy to learn to operate, so much so that we never took advantage of the free day of training that is included in the purchase price. The system was delivered on time and has performed well, and the occasional small issue has been promptly resolved by PestPro to our complete satisfaction. Our reception in the marketplace and the economical purchase price of the equipment mean we will probably pay for the system in 6-8 months, and it is our intention to add a second PestPro system in the near future. The people at PestPro honored all of their commitments to us and we highly recommend the Company and their equipment.

Just a quick note to let you know the equipment arrived on schedule. Also, we have done our first job with the units, and they performed flawlessly. It is usually quite a gamble to send large sums of money to another country and trust that the goods purchased will arrive as promised. In this case the product, delivery, and communication exceeded our expectations. It is rare in today’s business climate to find a company that provides a measure of service beyond what was promised. I am referring to the “pig tails” sent at no charge to us. We will continue to purchase from Pest Pro Thermal as we add to our service inventory.