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18MAR 2024 SALON

Why have bed bugs become so difficult to control? We can only blame ourselves

Bed bugs have developed resistance to pesticides, making them even harder to contain



Staff Writer

"When control is needed there are options besides chemicals," Code explained. "Heat is an effective control for bed bugs (and a control technique to which they cannot become resistant). Some housing units have shifted to using heat both to kill existing bed bugs and to prevent new infestations."
- Aimée Code
, Pesticide Program Director, Xeres Society

08FEB 2024

Remediating Indoor Pesticide Contamination from Improper Pest Control Treatments: Persistence and Decontamination Studies


23JAN 2024

Class Action Lawsuit Contends Hotshot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger a Sham

Repeating Misinformation Does Not Make It True. Article HERE


28DEC 2023

The "Godmother of Bloodsucking Insects" WSJ

"Bedbugs now permeate virtually every sector of society and cost billions of dollars a year to treat. Bedbugs basically laugh at conventional insecticides ... and take advantage of the world’s poor pest management."

- Chow Yang-Lee, Professor of Urban Entomology, University of California, Riverside

Article Here


05DEC 2023

Bed Bug Hoax in Athens Greece launched by anti-short term rentals activists who are being priced out of their own housing market. Read HERE.

30NOV 2023

Consumer Reports - Unbiased, Non-Profit, backed by scientists, engineers, journalists and researchers 

7 Myths About Bed Bugs Debunked


The article discusses prevalent misconceptions surrounding bed bugs and offers insightful truths to empower individuals in dealing with these pests effectively. It highlights how common beliefs, like a clean house preventing bed bugs, are inaccurate, emphasizing that anyone can be susceptible, but only those with resources can effectively eliminate them.

The piece busts seven myths about bed bugs:

  1. Foam Mattresses and Bed Bugs: Although bed bugs can't live in foam, they can hide in crevices near a person, making anyone sleeping on a foam mattress vulnerable. Encasement bags help protect the mattress but won't solve the bed bug problem entirely.

  2. Bed Bug Travel Misconception: Bed bugs don't just hitchhike on fabric; they can move independently within buildings or latch onto furniture, spreading from one home to another, especially in multi-unit buildings.

  3. Reliability of Bed Bug-Sniffing Dogs: While some dogs are trained to detect bed bugs, accreditation and proper training are crucial. Individuals can also identify signs like brown dots (excrement) or blood spots on sheets.

  4. Disposal of Infested Items: Most items don't require disposal in case of bed bug infestation. Professional treatment, often using heat, can eradicate bed bugs without necessitating throwing away belongings.

  5. Effectiveness of Blow Dryers: While blow dryers might flush bed bugs out of hiding, they might not effectively kill them due to the bugs' ability to scurry away from the heat.

  6. Ineffectiveness of DIY Remedies: Over-the-counter products, including natural remedies like cayenne pepper or diatomaceous earth, aren't usually effective. Professional heat treatment is recommended.

  7. Persistence of Bed Bugs: Bed bugs can survive for months at regular temperatures, necessitating multiple professional treatments to ensure eradication.

Ultimately, the article advises individuals to seek professional help for effective eradication, highlighting the importance of thorough treatments, multiple inspections, and follow-up visits to ensure complete removal of bed bugs.


21NOV 2023

TESLA Gigafactory 2, Buffalo NY Has Bed Bug Infestation - Chemical Pesticides Make Workers Sick. Read Article HERE.

06OCT 2023

Bed Bugs Aren't Just In Paris. What To Do If They Come For You
Washinghton Post 



21AUG 2023

"What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas"  - Not This Time! Bed Bugs Invade 7 Hotels on The Strip Update

Download Bed Bug Infographic Here

28JUL 2023

Washington Post | Orkin Hotel Report | Chicago is #1 Bed Bug City 3 Years Running -  Update

07JUL 2023

CNN Bed Bug Summer Travel Update



09JUN 2023

Bronx Beat - SNL Skit

02JUN 2023

SF GATE: Bed Bugs Invade Honolulu International Airport READ ARTICLE HERE

“Experts believe the recent increase in bed bugs in the United States may be due to more travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices,” the EPA’s website says.

BLOOMBERG: Bed Bugs Shied Away With Less Pandemic Travel. They’re Not Gone READ ARTICLE HERE


BLOOMBERG reports the reduction in travel during the pandemic has resulted in reduced reports of bed bug infestations due to the bugs not being transported as often as they were pre-pandemic. Bed bugs are expected to make a roaring return to making our lives miserable once travel returns to normal levels.

Canada's Northwest Territories Housing Corporation Chooses PestPro Thermal Bed Bug Heaters for All 5 Regions

PestPro Thermal Systems has been chosen as the exclusive provider of DIY bed bug treatment equipment by the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation. The bed bug heaters and associated equipment will be equally dispersed between all 5 local housing associations located in North Slave, South Slave, Nahendeh, Beaufort Delta and Sahtu.

Cara Bryant, a spokesperson for the housing corporation outlined the primary reasons given for choosing PestPro Thermal heaters for bed bugs. First, the difficulty in contracting and the very high costs for paying for bed bug extermination services in a timely manner is very challenging in such remote locations. Self-sufficiency in being able to provide DIY bed bug treatment was paramount. Second, the heaters to kill bed bugs needed to be both durable and self-repairable. It is not practical to think we can ship bed bug treatment heaters from such remote and seasonally accessible regions back to the manufacturer for repair. Third, top notch, responsive customer support was a hard requirement for both training and over the phone instructional support. Finally, ease of use and intuitive power options were very important. The ability of the bed bug heaters and fans to be operated by only one person was also important given the fluid nature of living in extreme conditions and unreliable travel.  Availability of parts was also important in the decision to choose PestPro Thermal. Parts used in their bed bug treatment heaters are all available from standard industrial parts suppliers which means the housing corp will not need to depend on PestPro to keep the bed bug machines operational.

Bed Bug Heaters Used in Hotbox Sterilization Solution for Healthcare PPE

"I think there is a large opportunity if we're to consider say, a hospital-type setting that is spending millions and millions of dollars a year now on very often single-use PPE. If this can even get one or two or three additional uses out of say, an N95 mask, it will increase the availability of PPE for our health-care system, it will decrease some of the strain and it will save our governments and health-care facilities in the process."  said CEO Delta 9, John Arbuthnot.

Delta 9's production partner is RSR Project Management, Winnepeg MB. Standard steel shipping containers are up-fitted to include two PestPro Thermal electric commercial bedbug heaters, two high volume (CFM) fans rated to operate at temperatures up to 180 degrees F/ 82 degrees C. UV sterilization lighting is installed as a secondary method to kill pathogens including SARS-CoV-19. PestPro Thermal Systems bed bug heaters were chosen by RSR over more than a half dozen different providers of commercial bed bug treatment heaters for their durability, dependability, open-source parts availability and steel architecture to be able to withstand the higher temperatures required to kill pathogens. PestPro's reputation for exceptional customer support was also cited as critical for long-term success of the national rollout.