FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about PestPro Thermal Systems products and company:

Q: How can I speak or text with a non-robot (human being)?

A: Call or text us at 970-443-8119

Q: I need to replace my Thermal Remediation Temp-Air products. Are your products compatible?

A: Yes. The Bed Bug Beast™ can replace your 480v Temp-Air Bed Bug generator and trailer as well as power up to 17 bed bug heaters without the need for a tow-behind generator.

Read the story of why the Beast is considered an upgrade to your current Temp-Air trailer HERE.

Q: I need to add 480v heaters to my Thermal Remediation Temp-Air trailer. Are your heaters compatible?

A: Yes. Our bed bug heaters will plug in to your current Thermal Remediation Temp-Air  generators.

Read the story of why the Beast is considered an upgrade to your current Temp-Air trailer HERE

Q: Does heat kill bed bugs including unhatched eggs?

A: Heat is the only legal and safe method that will always kill bed bugs and their eggs 100% of the time. Since DDT was banned in 1972 bed bugs have developed resistance to other pesticides designed to kill them. Bed bugs can NOT develop resistance to heat. 

Q: How Much Does a Single Heater or Heater/Fan Package Cost?

A: Heater Only, 50' power cord: $4,195.00 USD plus LTL common carrier shipping

Heater Only, 100' power cord: $4,495.00 USD plus LTL common carrier shipping shipping

Package - Heater (50' power cord) + Fan: $4,595.00 USD plus LTL common carrier shipping shipping

Package - Heater (100' power cord) + Fan: $4,895.00 USD plus LTL common carrier shipping shipping

Q: What is involved in bed bug heat treatment preparation?

Download this Preparation Checklist.

Q: Does heat kill human germs and pathogens that make us sick?

A: Heat is used daily to kill pathogens of all types. There is an autoclave in every single dentist and doctors office used to sterilize medical equipment. To decontaminate covid exposed rooms, police patrol cars and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PestPro heaters are being used to achieve temperatures of 158°F/70°C. Heat kills virus' on hard and soft (porous) surfaces including bedding, chairs and window coverings.

Q: What size area will a PestPro Thermal 10,000 Watt heater treat?

A: Each 1000 watts of electric heat treats 30-40 square feet of living space so 10,000 watts will treat 300-400 square feet. This assumes standard 8' high ceilings, wood frame construction, no exposed masonry or hard surfaces (brick, concrete, tile floors, large mirrors, etc.), the treatment area has been pre-heated at least 2 hours prior to heat treatment using the furnace/boiler/PTAC and windows covered in plastic and vents/cracks sealed with plastic sheeting and painters tape to keep hot air in and cold air out.

Winter time colder temperatures will lower and summer  time hotter temperatures will increase the number of square feet a heater can treat.

Although killing bed bugs with heat is a fairly simple concept we want to be sure you are purchasing the right mix of equipment for your specific situation. We have learned the hard way that allowing our customers to figure it out on their own is not a responsible way to sell our products. We enjoy discussing the details of your requirements so please give us a call to discuss what it is you want to do and where you plan on doing it.

Location, weather, building age, electrical system age and existing outlet configuration, voltage, ceiling height, construction values (wood frame vs. brick vs. cinder block, etc.), vacant or occupied, tenant type (degree of clutter/hoarding). These are just some of the examples that will affect what we recommend. We are committed to your long term success and want you to have nothing but a positive experience with our company and equipment from the start.

Open and honest communication and obsessing over details is how we ensure our mutual success.

Call or txt 970-443-8119 to see how we can help. 

Q: Heat Treatment Services: Can I get a quote for you to kill bed bugs in my home?

A: We do NOT offer in-home services.

We build commercial electric bed bug heaters and sell them directly to both our commercial and consumer customers which avoids any price markups from middlemen or finger pointing and confusing customer support scenarios. 

Q: Rentals: Can I rent your heaters to kill bed bugs?

A: No we do NOT rent our heaters. We are strictly a manufacturer of commercial electric bed bug heaters and sell them directly to anyone.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes we ship to all provinces in Canada including the most remote areas of the NWT where the provincial government is our largest customer. CBC article.  Almost half our business is to Canadians due in large part to the long-term value, lowest total cost of ownership, durability and ruggedness of our all-steel construction bed bug heaters.

Q: Do you offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA?

A: Not anymore thanks to inflation, Covid and supply chain shortcomings.  LTL shipping charges are passed on to the customer and are based on the actual SHIP TO ADDRESS. 

Q: Do you offer FREE SHIPPING in Canada?

A: Not anymore thanks to inflation, Covid and supply chain shortcomings.  LTL common carrier shipping charges are passed on to the customer and are based on the actual SHIP TO ADDRESS. See Canadian product page here.

Q: Do you sell propane heaters? Please explain.

A: We do NOT sell propane heaters. 

After thorough due diligence and research, our ownership, legal counsel and insurance providers all agreed the high risk of transporting propane and using direct-fired propane heaters is not worth the risk to us or our customers and their customers respectively. See reasons here.

At PestPro Thermal we do one thing and one thing only: hand build the longest lasting and easiest to use all-steel, electric bed bug heaters available anywhere. Just ask our customers, many of whom have struggled with other "budget" products before ultimately acquiring our equipment for the long term value it represents. Bed bugs are not going away any time soon. We build heaters that will last as long as you need them to. 

Q: Do you sell heaters that plug into 110/120v outlets?

A: We do NOT sell 110/120v heaters. The amount of power required to generate 34,120 BTUs requires an "octopus" of up to 8 power cords. This "octopus cord" represents a tripping and fire risk hazard that our legal and insurance professionals have deemed unsafe based on historical research of related lawsuits.

Our heaters use single-phase voltage of 208v, 240v or 277v and plug into receptacles used for stoves, dryers or generators. 

The heaters included on The Bed Bug Beast ™ are powered by 480v 3-phase electricity coming off the generator attached to the truck's frame which is then powered off the engine under the hood.

Q: Do you offer a discount off the price to non-profit organizations?

A: YES. All eligible 501(c)(3) charitable organizations receive a 10% discount. See a partial list of our direct-service non-profit customers here. Veterans also receive this 10% discount as a way to honor their service to our nation.

Q: Do you have resellers in my area?

A: All orders are shipped directly from our factory in Englewood CO USA thereby avoiding unnecessary price markups from middlemen. International air freight orders depart Denver International Airport and require customer pick-up from their closest international airport.

Q: Why don't you sell heaters larger than 10,000 watts?

A: Experience has proven that spreading out multiple heat sources rather than having one main heat source greatly increases successful heat treatments. The reason is that with one heat source you need to disperse the heat from one location equally throughout the treatment area which is very difficult to do regardless of how many fans are used.  Multiple heat sources, spread out evenly and working in tandem are a superior method for equally dispersing heat throughout the treatment area as quickly as possible.

We have found the sweet spot for proper heat dissipation to be 10,000 watts which will treat up to 400 square feet at time. This is also the size that can comfortably be supported by high voltage 50 or 60 amp 240v receptacles. 

Q: Will the truck mounted PTO power option on The Bed Bug Beast™ affect my truck's warranty?

A: No - adding on the PTO power option to your F-Series HD truck will not affect your truck's warranty whatsoever. The PTO option is a factory installed Ford feature, not an after-market add-on. Determining if your Ford HD truck has the PTO option is determined by the VIN. All Ford HD trucks built after 2017 have the PTO option. If you are considering purchasing a Bed Bug Beast™ please submit your trucks VIN for verification of the PTO. Pickup truck models will NOT work. Call 970-443-8119 to confirm specifications before placing an order for your truck.

Call or text at 970-443-8119. We are happy to help.