FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our products and company:

Q: How well does heat kill bed bugs in all their different stages of life including unhatched eggs?

A: Heat is the only legal and safe method that will always kill bed bugs and their eggs 100% of the time. Since DDT was banned in 1972 bed bugs have developed resistance to other pesticides designed to kill them. Bed bugs cannot develop resistance to heat. 

Q: Does heat kill the Covid-19 corona virus?

A: In recent history heat has been used to kill pathogens of all types including both the SARS and MERS versions of the coronavirus. The lodging industry is currently being asked by public health authorities to house Covid-19 healthcare workers. To decontaminate vacated rooms whole room heaters are being used to achieve temperatures above 145°F/63°C. Heat can kill virus' on hard surfaces and also has the advantage over disinfectant sprays of being able to penetrate fabric including bedding, chairs and window coverings. More...

Q: Heat Treatment Services: Do you offer heat treatment services? Can I get a quote for you to kill bed bugs in my home?

A: NO. We do not offer services of any kind. We are strictly a manufacturer of industrial grade electric bed bug heaters but we do sell directly to anyone.

Q: Rentals: Can I rent your heaters to kill bed bugs?

A: NO. We do not rent our heaters. We are strictly a manufacturer of industrial grade electric bed bug heaters but we do sell directly to anyone.

Q: What is the difference between the Universal and Hotel packages? Which one do I need?

A: The Universal and Hotel heaters both put out 34,120 BTU's of heat on their highest setting.

The Universal heater has ONE power cord and 4 pig tail adapters that allow you the flexibility to plug into stove, dryer or generator receptacles - both 3 and 4 prong versions.

The Hotel heater has TWO power cords that plug into 2 PTAC outlets at the same time. You can only use the Hotel heater if you have 20 or 30 amp PTAC outlets to plug into.

If your property does not have PTACS choose the Universal heater package and install a dedicated stove receptacle if you don't already have one. Preferably within a few feet of the circuit breaker panel. 

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes we ship to all provinces in Canada including the most remote areas of the NWT where the government is our largest customer. CBC article.  Close to 40% of our customers are in Canada due in large part to the long-term value, durability and ruggedness of our all steel construction bed bug heaters.

Q: Do you offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA?

A: Yes shipping is included to addresses located in the lower 48 contiguous states. Alaska and Hawaii require shipping quotes. TIP: Many of our southern Canadian customers choose to take advantage of this FREE SHIPPING by picking up their equipment on the US side of the border at a UPS Store.

Q: Do you offer FREE SHIPPING in Canada?

A: Additional shipping charges of $225.00 USD to southern Canadian cities do apply. Remote areas require freight quotes to be obtained beforehand.

Q: Do you sell propane heaters and if not why not?

A: We do not offer propane heaters. 

After thorough due diligence and research, our ownership, legal counsel and insurance providers all agreed the high risk of transporting propane and using direct-fired propane heaters is not worth the risk to us or our customers and their customers respectively. See reasons here.

We do only one thing and one thing only: hand build the longest lasting and easiest to use all steel bed bug heaters available anywhere. Just ask our customers, many of whom have struggled with other "cheaper" products before ultimately acquiring our equipment for the long term value it represents.

Q: Do you sell heaters that plug into 110/120v outlets?

A: No we do not sell 110/120v heaters. The amount of power required results in an "octopus" of up to 8 cords to generate 34,120 BTUs represents a tripping and fire risk hazard that our legal and insurance professionals have deemed unsafe based on historical research of related lawsuits.

Our heaters use single-phase voltage of 208, 240 or 277 which plug into stove, dryer or generator receptacles.

The heaters on board our Bed Bug Beast truck run off 480v 3-phase power coming off the truck mounted alternator

Q: Do you offer a discount to non-profit organizations?

A: Yes. All non-profits receive a 10% discount. See a partial list of our direct-service non-profit customers here

Q: Do you offer commercial financing?

A: Yes we offer financing to existing businesses. Once you have determined your purchase price you can calculate your payments options using this Payments Calculator.