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Educational Information About Bed Bugs

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This Educational Information blog post is an ongoing repository for 'best-in-class' information that I find or is sent to me by our customers.

Thanks to all for sending me your suggestions.


For Those Who Want To Go Deep On Understanding The Legal and Insurance Profession's Perspective on Bed Bug Liability - READ THIS from the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel.

Pay special attention to p. 36 Section B Methods to Kill Bed Bugs

The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC) is an invitation-only organization of lawyers who focus their practice on the defense of civil claims and representation of insurers and corporations.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in University and Student Housing

The short video below was produced by the Facilities Management Department at the University of Colorado in Boulder CO.

In it Ed von Bleichert, Program Manager for Sustainability and Resiliency describes why heat treatment has been the best solution for controlling bed bugs in on-campus housing. 

Additional Bed Bug Information from the University of Colorado below:


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Bed Bug Heaters In Affordable Housing

Below is one of my favorite informational web sites because it was developed and updated by science educators so it is free of the commercial bias one finds on for-profit company sites.

The manager of this informational web site is  Susannah Reese, MS, a dedicated scientist from Cornell University in Ithaca NY.


We are a group of science educators, seeking to improve pest control in affordable housing by teaching everyone who works, lives, and plays in housing how to use integrated pest management (IPM). We are the Northeastern IPM Center at Cornell University. Since 2007, we’ve been bringing IPM to affordable housing across the country with funding from a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) interagency agreement.

Cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs can all impact the health and safety of multifamily residents and staff, not to mention they are expensive to eliminate! StopPests in Housing is funded by HUD to provide free integrated pest management (IPM) training and technical assistance to HUD-assisted properties. Based in NY at Cornell University’s Northeastern IPM Center StopPests offers effective and safe IPM solutions to housing sites across the country. Housing sites eligible for free training and technical assistance include public housing, section 8, 202, and 811 properties, and tribal housing. Visit stoppests.org for more information or to request training and technical assistance or email stoppests@cornell.edu.

Download Bed Bug Guide for Property Managers HERE

Download Bed Bug Population Growth Chart HERE

Download Bed Bug Poster for Tenants - English - HERE

Download Bed Bug Poster for Tenants - Spanish - HERE

Download Avoid Used Furniture PosterHERE

Below is a professionally produced educational video in both English and dubbed in Spanish intended for landlords to show their tenants before signing a lease and move-in.

It was sponsored by both HUD and the USDA's National Institute of Food & Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) in collaboration with the USDA Regional IPM Centers .

Actors play the roles of a tenant who just moved-in and is visited by a member of the building's Resident Services Staff. The staff member does a walk-through with the tenant and points out areas where things could be improved to decrease the risk of mice, rats, cockroaches and bed bug infestations.

The video was filmed in actual properties of both the Boston and Seattle Housing Authorities. It leaves the viewer feeling empowered and informed and emphasizes how important they are as an integral part of the IPM team for  preventing pest infestations where they live.

In my opinion The Tenant's Role in IPM is a 'must watch' for any housing authority or landlord wanting to prevent pest infestations before they happen.

The Tenants Role in IPM (English)

The Tenants Role in IPM (Spanish)


Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling 

Professor Dini Miller of Virginia Tech University is considered one of the top academic authorities on all things related to bed bugs.

Out of the dozens of videos I have reviewed over the years this is my all-time favorite How To Inspect for Bed Bugs in Hotels. The only thing I do differently when traveling is I use a brighter flashlight than just my phone. You will be glad you had it in the event of a power outage.



Here also is a fairly recent FB post from Dr. Miller indicating that she is working on legal issues with pest control professionals and property owners. The punchline is the courts are now concluding that just applying pesticides is not the same as actual pest control and that larger property managers need to stay abreast of the shifting sands regarding landlord liability when it comes to bed bug pest infestations. Most states now have an Implied Warranty of Habitability Law in effect which, if you, the landlord, are found to be in breach of, could end up being very expensive.

Dini Miller post stating that the courts no longer consider simple bed bug pesticide application equal to pest control

Bed Bug Consultants & Training for Building Managers and Staff

Another giant in the world of IPM with subject matter expertise in bed bugs is Dr. Richard Cooper PhD. (www.rcooperconsulting.net)

The video below was produced by Dr. Cooper in collaboration with Dr. Changlu Wang and sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Rutgers University.

It is 48 minutes in length and contains incredibly helpful information for residents, building managers and staff.


For additional information and details on bed bug heating equipment visit this post:  The Ultimate Guide To Bed Bug Heaters


Updated Pricing to Remediate Bed Bugs

05APRIL 2022 This article shows most recent pricing to treat bed bugs is up to $2,500 for an average multiple room apartment and $5,200 for the average single family home. This is higher than the price of our single 10,000 Watt bed bug heater which you will be able to use whenever you need to in addition to loaning to friends and family. Many of our customers rent their bed bug heater(s) out to others for around $400 per day.


Eagle Pest Services in Warrenton VA is a customer using our bed bug heaters in their most exclusive, downtown historic hotel customers in Washington DC.

They prepared this exceptional video to instruct their residential customers how best to prepare their home for thermal remediation. (NOTE:The equipment in this video is does not feature our bed bug heating equipment but articulates well the concepts needed for a successful heat treatment.)

09MAY 2022

Disney pays guest $100,000 to settle bed bug case.

Ivy Eldridge's lawsuit using Encino attorney, Brian Virag, claims she suffered emotional damage after being bitten multiple times by bed bugs after staying at the Disneyland Hotel during a stay with family members in April 2018.

The settlement award was paid out this past week to avoid further damage to Disney's reputation.  See LA Times article here.

A small up-front investment in a whole room bed bug heater could have prevented this law suit from ever being filed in the first place.

Preventing damage and risk to a company's brand and reputation is much less costly than trying to repair it after the fact. Headlines and online ratings and comments last forever.


ABC News 20/20 Hidden Camera Report: Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Fail 37% of The Time

I was recently alerted to this hidden camera ABC NEWS 20/20 report by my good customer and PestPro's official trainer covering the midwest US, Greg Osborne, owner of Bug Bakers of Columbus who learned the hard way that relying on bedbug sniffing dogs to determine if bed bugs are present can be somewhat of a crap shoot. He has successfully been using electronic bed bug traps to both prove that bed bugs are there to justify a heat treatment and also prove his heat treatments have succeeded. 

For many years now I have been under the false impression that all dogs and trainers could and would detect bed bugs close to 100% of the time. 

It turns out that is nowhere near the case and without proper training and handling many dogs will falsely indicate bed bugs are present when in fact they are not. My apologies to all my legit customers who offer bed bug sniffing dog services but I am just the messenger here. Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware.



Jerome Goddard is an entomologist and expert on bed bugs. Here in this article published in The Conversation (a website committed to publishing only scientific publications)  he talks about the resurgence of bed bug infestations worldwide due to the banning of DDT and the terrible psychological toll it can have on the victims of bed bug infestations including PTSD and suicide. 

Thankfully there is included a light hearted interview with comedian Stephen Colbert (formerly of Comedy Central). 

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