Plain and Simple Heat Sterilizes Pathogens

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Bed Bugs are Parasitic Pathogens  - CDC

A pathogen is defined as any organism that causes disease.

The four most common types of pathogens are:

  • Bacteria - examples: Lyme disease, strep throat and urinary tract infections
  • Virus - examples: common cold, flu, warts and HIV/AIDS
  • Fungi - examples: ringworm, athletes foot, thrush
  • Parasite - examples: head lice, bed bugs, malaria, giardia

In order to survive, thrive and replicate itself a pathogen requires a living host like a human being. If it successfully avoids an immune response the pathogen will replicate itself and spread to other living hosts.

There are a number of ways to kill pathogens including pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and plain old simple heat.

The remainder of this post talks about some of the scientific studies that have been done which prove that heat is a proven and absolute method for sterilizing pathogens including bed bugs. 




US Air Force Using Heat to Sterilize Planes

Bed bug heaters could be deployed easily to also heat the interiors of aircraft safely to effectively eradicate pathogens in a controlled, safe yet effective manner. 


CNN - "This system is better than just cleaning the inside of the car with disinfectant spray because the heat permeates the entire occupant compartment. Germs are killed even in hard-to-reach areas and there's no chance of any places being accidentally overlooked" a Ford spokesman said.

SARS-CoV-2 Sterilization

We have received numerous calls from our lodging customers and public health officials regarding our heaters ability to decontaminate infected living areas where front line medical personnel and quarantined people reside.

Their concern is an important and valid one: once a health care worker departs and another takes their place how do I safely and effectively decontaminate the room for the next guest on both hard and soft surfaces like bedding & padded furniture?

To answer these questions we need to be clear that no claims are being made on our part that our equipment is in any way claiming to be a medical device of any kind. Our heaters were originally designed to kill insects including bed bugs with dry electric heat.

That being said, heat has proven by the scientific community to sterilize Coronavirus when exposed to heat of at least 158° F/ 70° C for 30 minutes (Stanford Medicine study, National Institutes of Health study).

PestPro's re-circulation fans are rated for temperatures up to 180°F.

Our electric bed bug heaters are made of 18 gauge, cold-rolled steel which last almost forever and easily withstand the higher temperatures required to sterilize the virus.   Budget heaters made of plastic will not withstand multiple heat-up and cool-down cycles at these higher temperatures and the majority of them do not have the ability to come close to achieving 158º F.

Call or text 970-443-8119 for meaningful answers to your intelligent questions about our bed bug heat treatment equipment.

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