Where To Purchase A Bed Bug Heater?

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Welcome to PestPro Thermal Systems where we build the longest lasting industrial electric bed bug heaters one at a time by hand in Denver CO USA.

PestPro Thermal Systems is an employee-owned company that opened its doors in 2012 in response to a request from a multi-generational, regional pest control operator in Sioux Falls South Dakota. His customers were demanding electric bed bug heat treatments as a non-toxic, safe alternative to pesticides which were no longer effective due to the bed bugs developing resistance to them.

From day one PestPro Thermal’s primary mission was and continues to be:

  • Manufacture hard-as-nails, industrial bed bug heaters from steel that were tougher and more rugged than any competitor would be able to re-create
  • Use only top-shelf industrial grade components that could be easily acquired and replaced by our customers with our phone assistance as needed
  • Engineer a true industrial electric bed bug heater that was light yet powerful and was extremely simple to use
  • Provide unique electric power options not available anywhere else
  • Support our customers at a level that surpasses every other supplier in the market

As of January 2020, we have sold over 1000 heater packages around the world including Japan, Fiji, France, Dubai, Korea, USA (including North Slope of Alaska), Canada and the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Our industrial electric bed bug heaters are used by our incredibly supportive customers that represent every conceivable company, government or organization that offers overnight residential accommodations including:

  • Hotels – Motels – Lodging – Inns – Airbnbs – VRBOs
  • Very large resorts (5000+ beds)
  • Pest Control Companies – Pest Control – Exterminators
  • Restoration Companies – Fire & Flood
  • Employee housing – Man Camps – Traveling Entertainment Caravans
  • Student Housing – Dormitories – Universities – Colleges
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Summer Camps – Religious Retreat Centers
  • First Nation Communities – Native American Communities – Indian Country
  • Military Lodging – Pilot Training Facilities (Zero-Pesticide Tolerance Policies)
  • Property Management Companies
  • Apartment Building Owners and Operators
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts - REITS
  • Multi-family Housing – Multi-Dwelling - MDU
  • Hospitals – Psychiatric Centers
  • Housing Authorities
  • Municipal Transportation Authorities – Busing Companies
  • Senior Living – Eldercare – Elder Hostels
  • Sober living/Rehabilitation communities
  • Single Room Occupancy – SRO Facilities
  • Furniture Rental Companies – Rent-To-Own - RTO
  • Homeless Shelters – Missions -
  • Homeowners
  • Safe houses – Women & Children – Domestic Abuse Centers
  • Non-Profits – Charities – 501(c)(3)s – Direct Service
  • New Businesses – Startups

Because bed bugs, bed bug nymphs and bed bug eggs continue to develop resistance to pesticides designed to kill them, hot air convection temperatures of around 120° Fahrenheit is the only proven method to eliminate them 99.99% of the time in one, 5-7 hour application (depending on clutter, outside temperatures and effective sealing/insulation of the treatment area).

If you are looking for a product and a company that believes "planned obsolescence" is a wise business model then PestPro Thermal Systems is probably not a good fit. 

If you are looking for a company that believes in building things that will last as close to forever as possible and that bed bugs will continue to need to be controlled into the indefinite future PestPro Thermal Systems is the right choice for you. Buy it for Life!

For additional information and details on bed bug heating equipment visit these posts: The Ultimate Guide to Bed Bug Heaters: Buying a Bed Bug Heater vs Renting

DIY Bed Bug Heater Options

Call or text 970-443-8119 for meaningful answers to your intelligent questions about our bed bug heat treatment equipment.

We appreciate and thank you for your time.

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