Can I Really Be My Own Boss? Yes, Yes You Can!

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“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

 -Farrah Grey

 Our first national, commercial customer started using two Bed Bug Beast ™ 6-Heater trucks back in September of 2019.

With 2+ year’s worth of performance data collected all stakeholders are beyond thrilled with the results.

The Beast has exceeded everyone’s expectations including ours. Because the price point for the Beast exceeds $100k USD we had incorrectly predicted it would be sold almost exclusively to national and regional customers with multiple locations or properties who had sweetheart financing deals with lenders and leasing companies.

Like everything else during this pandemic the exact opposite has happened.

Due to marketplace uncertainty large companies battened down the hatches, restricted corporate travel and continue to conserve their cash. Capex expenditures are basically frozen until further notice.

What we did not see coming is the explosion of interest in people wanting to start their own businesses. Veterans have shown a special interest given their propensity to be in control and see dramatic results from their efforts.

I am getting regular calls, emails and chat sessions on our web site from folks who were fired, furloughed or hate their “soul sucking” jobs so much they are desperate for ways to become independent and take control of their own destinies and make before unheard of incomes compared to their previous jobs.

When I ask what it is about a bed bug heating truck that appeals to them the answers include:


  • I can make $3,000/day killing bed bugs and other pathogens if I charge the low-end, worst case, current national average market rate of $1.00 per sf for a 3000-square foot home
  • My monthly finance payment will be covered after my first job
  • I’ll be out and about every single day. No more cubicles. No more office politics. NO MORE ZOOM CALLS!
  • I can provide backup power to homes and businesses without a trailer
  • I can provide backup heat to homes and businesses and special outdoor/tent events
  • I can provide a non-toxic, chemical free way to kill human pathogens including Covid-19 and molds in homes and businesses
  • I don’t have to deal with the hassles of a trailer like backing it up, parking it, maintaining it, dealing with separate fuel and exhaust systems
  • I can be the “go to”, heat treatment sub-contractor for all the chemical pest pros and exterminators in my city or region.
  • I can set my children up with their own business or start the perfect family business
  • I will always have backup heat and power for my own home and friends and family given all the uncertainty in the world
  • I can even plow snow in the winter
  • I can do everything on my own with just me, myself and I. Not even one employee required!
  • I can control my own destiny and make a great living doing it

If this sounds like something you want to be doing please call or text 970-443-8119 for meaningful answers to your intelligent questions about our bed bug heat treatment equipment.

We appreciate and thank you for your time.



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